Ireland - Day 9, April 23

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8:27 am
Creaky, watery ceiling. Heated!
We were woken up several times in the night by creaking, groaning and watery noises and it wasn't until the next morning when Susan was walking across the floor in her bare feet that we realized that the floor was heated with water!
It was really pleasant, but definitely made for a noisy ceiling.

12:05 pm
Leaving Kenmare, highly recommended tourist shopping
Grey day pretty mountains & baby sheep. Cloud shrouded mountains
bought pocket Doolin whistle, two Guinness signs, three Guinness magnets
Kenmare turned out to be a shopping dream.  We found lots of souvenirs for us and other people, including some inexpensive metal Guinness signs (we bought one for Liz and one for ourselves).
A bit down the road, I ducked into a music shop and picked up a pocket whistle.  It's in two pieces and made of brass and fits perfectly in my pockets.  Now I can easily carry a whistle around and practice when opportunity presents itself.

Nearing Mallow

1:57 pm
In Mallow, lunch @ Molly Flynns two spicy chicken baps, Murphy's & Guinness. Sandwiches were yummy. The bar music was classical (19th cent?)
Nothing much to report here, the people at Molly Flynns are friendly.  We just stopped in Mallow long enough to have lunch and didn't happen across any Rakes.

Mallow.  Is that a Rake?

3:15 pm
Just east of Mitchelstown

3:57 pm
Cahir Castle
Flute book & bookmark
We needed to kill a bit of time before checking in for the night and stopped by and toured Cahir Castle.  We had pretty free reign of the place and poked our heads into any nook we could get to.  In one room there was a description of a battle that figures prominently in the history of Cahir (but unfortunately, not my memory) that included the diorama pictured below.
In the tourist center they had a Pocket Tutor for the tin whistle, so I grabbed a copy.  Yes, I bought a lot of whistle material over there.

The antlers that Susan is looking were absolutely huge

Misc shots from the castle.

After visiting Cahir Castle, we dropped by Carrigeen Castle to check in.  This is a neat castle which had once been a prison.  It's since been refitted and lived in by the Butler family and operated as a B&B.  It's run by Mrs Peig Bulter who likes things run just so.  We enjoyed our stay and recommend it for anyone looking to stay in Cahir.

View from our room.

6:21 pm
In internet "cafe" uploading pics & doing email.
This wasn't really a cafe like the previous places were.  It was more of a small community center where people could could get computer training and make use of a relatively inexpensive high speed connection.

6:52 pm
"old church"
I have no idea which one.  Sorry.

7:43 pm
Cahir House Hotel bar. Kilkenney, 7&7(2), curry, pasta
We wandered around for quite a while, trying to decide where to have dinner.  We eventually settled on the Cahir House Hotel bar and we were quite satisfied.  We both ended up with more food than we should have eaten, but my curry and Susan's pasta were quite good.

8:35 pm
This was an early night for us.


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