Ireland - Day 8, April 22

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A view from our room, looking at the Lego house.  If you ever make it there, you'll understand.

And our breakfast menu (in Irish)

10:35 am
Climbing down the ladder, onto the tender to the Skelligs.
Dominick was again kind enough to call the man  going to the Skelligs (Joe Roddy & Sons) and arrange a spot for us.  We headed off to "town" (Ballinskelligs is really small) and got on the boat.  There were a total of 12 people on our boat.  On the way, I made friends with the captain's dog (Winkle).  The poor girl was shivering up a storm, even in the cabin of the boat, so I invited her into my lap and kept her warm.  It was obvious that she was cold on the boat, but there was no way she was going to let dad go off to the Skelligs without her.

11:33 am
Near Skelligs.

We've passed little Skellig on our way to the big boy.

12:03 pm
We're here! Screams of gulls everywhere. Sleeping seal, top of Skellig, beehive huts, frolicking seal. Winkle the terrier.
Would you believe that there were only about 16 people on the island.  Going in the off-season is really nice.  We had to climb something like 600 steps to get to the beehive huts at the top.  As we went higher and higher, it got warmer and we eventually shed all but one of our four layers of clothing.
Near the beginning of the trek, another member of our party called out to us to look "down".  We did and saw a seal sleeping (we hoped) on the rocks below.  Evidently he was indeed sleeping as he was gone when we returned on the way back to the boat.
On the way back to the boat (we had two hours to trek the island) we saw a seal in the water, begging or just curious about another group from our boat.  I'll have the picture on here as soon as I get it scanned in.

Susan posing with ??

Sometimes, you just have to look down.

If you ever have the chance to see the Skelligs on a sunny day, don't pass it up.

Just a cool formation near the dock.

Bye, we'll miss you.

Some of the waves crashing against the little Skellig were huge!

3:16 pm
Abbey. Tons of headstones.
Fairly close to the docks in Ballinskelligs, there was an abbey.  It was much like other ruins we'd seen but I can't believe I didn't even get one picture.

4:17 pm
South of Waterville, near Caherdaniel, pics & shrine

Ten & Two, ready to dance.

4:52 pm
Staigh Fort (closed)
It was listed in the book on our route, so we set off to see what we could see.  Unfortunately it was closed off but we got a few shots (most of which need scanning).

Art shot, taken just off a small bridge leading to the fort.

5:31 pm
Past Sneem near lake ?

6:37 pm
Checked into Landsdown Arms Hotel. Couldn't find the Riversdale by walking. 100m my ass.
We parked in the town center (near the tourist center, which was closed) and went looking for the Riversdale hotel.  We had some information on it as we considered staying in Kenmare before we left (and subsequently decided to stay two nights in Ballinskelligs.  There was some confusion about our reservation and it was just as well that we went to Kenmare).  Despite our information and a sign in town, we couldn't find Riversdale so we ended up in the Landsdown Arms.

7:24 pm
Giuliano's in Kenmare. Bottle of Chevalere Merlot, anchovy (fresh!) salad, bread w/tomatos, dingle bay pizza (mushrooms & onions)
playing good music.  Buena vista social club!
Crespelle for dessert. Crepes, peaches, cream & cinnamon
This is a nice restaurant.  If you're in Kenmare and hungry for "Italian", eat there.  The food and service were good.
The salad was a really nice surprise.  I was expecting the type of anchovies we get here at home (little crunchy dried salty things) and instead had a salad topped with fresh anchovies.  They were wonderful tender only slightly salty fish that went perfect with the salad.  Even Susan liked them and she really doesn't like anchovies.
The dessert was wonderful too.
The final close to dinner was hearing the Buena Vista Social Club playing over the speaker system.  We asked the waitress to turn it up a bit and she was kind enough to do so.  It was a good way to end dinner.

9:24 pm
Hotel bar. Wierd music at the moment. 3 Baileys & Irish Coffee. Good wooden floor. Bottles with upside down labels for the devices which measure out shots. Bunch of kids at the bar.
The hotel bar is a decent place and they evidently have live music at times.  Unfortunately on this night they were playing some really strange sounding music over the speaker system.  We asked the waitress if they could play some traditional and the answer she gave seemed to indicate that the manager wanted what they were playing.  Oh well.
A few glasses of Bailey's and Irish Coffees later and we headed off to our room for sleep. 

10:13 pm
Back in the room. What is the show on TG4?? Great music. It was filmed in a pub. Woman on fiddle, older man with coke-bottle glasses on flute, younger man on accordion. Closed the show with set dancing.
I have no idea what this show was, but would like to see more.  If anyone out there knows, please email us.


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