Ireland - Day 6, April 20

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10:01 am
Breakfast was overwhelming & yummy. Other guests were at the pub last night (aussies?)
The breakfast spread at Greenmount is impressive.  Most B&B's we stayed in would have cereal (several types), fruit and juice followed with a choice of more cooked food.  Greenmount had things I don't have names for.  An entire long table filled with good food and several mouth watering menu items.  We went the tame route the first day but had a few extras the next.
Some of the other guests were at An Conair the night before and recognized us (I guess it's kind of hard not to recognize people who were leaping about the bar).

10:28 am
In tourist office, waiting (wanted to check on latest F&M info)
A couple of ladies were trying to book a room ahead of us, so we had a bit of a wait.  We weren't in a hurry although a few people behind us were.
We were hoping to find out what we could expect from F&M closings.  The guy behind the counter said they were expecting a call later and thought that places would begin opening up.  The call never came and places remained closed.

12:56 pm
Went shopping, reserved a place on the Blasket tour. Now at the beach, collecting pretty shells.
Susan purchased a custom gift for her father at Celtic Jewellery.  Mr Weldon didn't have what Susan was looking for, so he custom made a piece which was ready the next morning!
We decided not to go for the dedicated Fungie tour as we'd heard that he often shows up for other boats as well.  The difference being that the Fungie tour boats will keep searching until they find him (or he finds them).

We collected a pile of shells here.  Some really pretty ones too.  Wish I could go back, right now.

The churchyard door was open, so we walked in and enjoyed the grounds.

This is actually not the same church as above.  It was pretty though.

1:44 pm
Seagulls, Blasket islands, fishing boat, cave
As you'll likely guess from the pictures, we went driving along the coast.  Tons of scenery, sheep, birds.

We wanted to feed this guy (and he obviously wanted us to do so) but all we has was a fruit muesli bar and we didn't think it would be good for him.

This cave was really cool.  If we'd had more time I would have gone spelunking.  Oh well, next time.


2:35 pm
Blasket heritage center. Panorama of the area taken just north of the center, picture of horses. Lots of gaelic. A**hole american (planted himself in front of the sign in front of me). Bought two scones.
Ok, I should probably explain the A**hole american comment.  I'm in the heritage center cafe looking over the menu on a blackboard propped up against the wall.  This guy walks over and plants himself directly in front of me (I'm no more than eight feet from the menu).
Ok, enough of that, more tourism info...
The book we took with us didn't have flattering things to say about the heritage center.  It was evidently designed by an American firm and it looks out of place.  It's pretty inside though.  We stopped just north of it (it was actually a bit difficult to find) and I took a panoramic and we both just enjoyed the scenery.

For one moment we thought the horse lying down was ill or worse.  We stopped a bit to watch and see if we could tell, when he raised his head.  Evidently the one on the right was playing guard.

At some point after the heritage center we stopped by the Gallarus Oratory.  Unfortunately it too was closed.
Here are some other pictures

3:45 pm
Back in dingle, waiting for boat to Blaskets

4:00 pm
Off to islands
Vintry mansion - huge & off to the west from Dingle. Now a girls boarding school.
Thing on the hill was for famine relief. "beacon" as a indicator to the harbor entrance. Paid for by the protestant clergy. 
baby keep near the harbor entrance is a signal tower.

4:10 pm
Saw Funghi!!!
As soon as I can scan them in, I'll post them.  The digital wouldn't focus fast enough but Susan got a couple with the Pentax.

5:09 pm
At the Blaskets, slept a bit on the way back.
150 people max. Very few occupied houses.

There aren't many people living on the islands at the moment and the boat never dropped us off.  The picture above shows how close we were able to go.  I think (but don't know for sure) that the people were afraid of being infected with F&M.  It was disappointing to have to stay on the boat, but it was a gorgeous day which made up for it some.
The ride to and from the Blaskets was quite long and I guess the running around caught up with me.  On the way back I went to a sheltered part of the boat and slept almost to the point where we entered Dingle harbor.

6:49 pm
At the Marina again. Three Irish Coffees.
While Susan was away, a woman nearby told her little girl to "go away". Evidently she wanted more money for something.
Broke a glass, oops. Left extra tip
I don't recall the girl getting shrill or obnoxious the way an American child might, but she was evidently becoming a pest and her mother simply told her to go away.  That struck both her friend and me as funny we looked at each other with little grins on our faces.
On the way out we accidentally broke one of the glasses (it got hung up on the sleeve of one of our jackets, which we had removed).

7:18 pm
Off to El Toro to look for nachos & 'ritas.
We were starting to want some Tex-Mex and there was a restaurant which sounded promising.  Unfortunately they required reservations and we decided that we didn't want to go through that and continued walking around town checking out the menus.  Again, while you're in Ireland, don't judge a place by the look of the outside.  We later found a place that was excellent although the outside wasn't particularly special.

8:14 pm
Novecento. house wine, gnocchi, taglietelli,
starting to fill up. Good quiet music, friendly aussie waitress
very very good food
tirimisu (yum) good whipped cream on top
mocha with fragrant sugar
Group nearby celebrating a 40th? birthday
neat old looking record player in the window
old phone on the wall
spinning wheel in the corner
small radio in the corner
Scottish Jamaican is a hilarious accent
If you make it out to Dingle, go to Novecento.  The people are friendly and the food is great.  We started with a bucket of Mussels (after walking on them earlier in the trip, we had to eat a few) and I ended up eating most of them (I'll eat almost anything). We then moved on to Gnocchi and Taglietelli and finished with some Tirimisu.  Yummy.  The inside of the place is comfortable as well.  It's not too large and the low lighting seems to encourage generally quiet conversation, making it a pleasant place to dine.
There was a table that filled up with a birthday celebration and at one point someone who (I think) was Scottish tried to do a Jamaican accent.  I just about spit out my wine it was so funny.


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