Ireland - Day 5, April 19

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8:40 am
Breakfast, full Irish for me, single egg for susan

9:57 am
On the road to Kilrush

10:34 am
Kilrush has yellow air (power plant)
This was fairly hideous.  On approach to the town I noticed that the sky had a definite yellow streak.  As we got closer I realized that it was from the smoke coming from the power plant and was streakish because the wind was carrying it straight away from us. Yuck. On a couple of occasions we talked with local people who complained about all the development.  This was an unfortunately very tangible downside to that development.

11:00 am

11:24 am
Tarbert.  Another shrine

11:49 am
Just passed through Listowel, land is getting pretty again. Palm trees

11:56 am
Huge windmills on the hillside
They were neat (although I don't know if the people living near them think so).  There were a few dozen really huge windmills (for generating electricity) on a some hills just outside Listowel.  We didn't stop here, so no pictures.

12:22 pm
St John's Cathedral in Tralee

1:42 pm
Leaving Tralee, shoes, rude employees, scone (thicker than usual)
We stopped in Tralee to do some shopping and decided to see if we could find dancing shoes in the local shoe stores.  Most of the time we'd walk into a store and the people working there might (or might not) look up to see who came in.  At that point they'd generally ignore us.  We'd try to get their attention and they would ignore us some more.  I know we looked like tourists, but this was ridiculous.
We tended to buy scones when we wanted something small to eat and usually had a choice between plain or raisin scones.  I wish we had those choices here.  Susan and I often buy Starbucks in the mornings and their scones (while quite yummy) are filled and covered with sugar.  The one we bought in Tralee was large and fluffy and I want another one right now.

1:54 pm
There's an internet cafe in Camp. Pretty mountains, fields & water
It just struck me as interesting that a small town like Camp would have an Internet cafe.

2:13 pm
Near Kilcummin. Pics & sheeps

2:48 pm
water, valley, ocean, rocks, roots, sheep. Conner Pass

Conner Pass was just incredible.  The pictures don't do it justice and it's probably even better in the summer.

2:53 pm
further along (south end)
We stopped at a dedicated scenic area and took the following picture.  Off in the distance is our destination, Dingle.

3:15 pm
Guinness posters in tourist center
We made it to Dingle and set about finding out where our B&B was.  Once that was accomplished (or rather, once we'd been given directions) we looked around town a bit.
We were looking for Guinness gifts for my sister and discovered that the tourist center had tons of promotional posters, so I made a note of it.  She wanted one of the steel signs though, so we kept looking.
Susan went around the corner to check on boat excursions to the Blasket Islands and the bay where Fungie (the dolphin) lives.  We made plans to go out the following day.

4:26 pm
In Greenmount
Beautful views of the bay & beautiful house
Greenmount is a gorgeous house.  We were really glad we stayed there.  Nice comfortable room and a great view of the bay.

6:53 pm
1.5 hour nap. Noisy neighbors <expletive deleted>
Ok, we found something not to like about Greenmount.  The doors are rather loud if you shut them without turning the handle (to draw back the bolt) and it never occurred to the other guests that they might want to be kind to everyone else by being quiet in the sleeping areas.  I probably wouldn't have mentioned it if it had been a slip done in the early evening (who expects people to be sleeping at 6pm?) but they also did it at night and in the morning.  Overall a minor complaint.  Everything else about Greenmount was exceptional. 

7:30 pm
An Conair pub - found it & left the car while we look for food.
We were looking for the pub because it was listed on Set Dancing News. We were lucky enough to find a spot right out front.  The girl behind the bar said they'd be having traditional music that night, so we left the car and went looking for dinner.

And guess what?  We took some pictures while walking around.

8:44 pm
Settled on the Marina even though they were out of crabs. Ordered Irish Coffee, two Guinnies, seafood chowder, salmon & chips
Susan was very interested in trying their crab cakes but they'd run out :-(  After looking around at several other places, we decided that the Marina had the best menu and went on in.
The barmaid said she could make an Irish Coffee and I certainly enjoyed it.

9:42 pm
An Conair, Irish coffee & Smithwicks
bodhran, accordian, flute, penny, fiddle, harp, uilleann, bones
maureen (bar-maid)
pint of smith
'nother glass of Smithwicks
harp & whistle traveling Ireland from west Virginia.
By the end of the night, there were 11 musicians playing in the pub.  Things did get going kind of slowly but I'm pretty sure that many of them weren't used to playing together.
The couple from West Virginia were traveling Ireland for three months and playing as they went.  At one point, the woman launched into something that sounded like bluegrass (but I'm just guessing as I'm not all that familiar with bluegrass) and it sounded really strange in Ireland.  I didn't hear, but wonder what the local people thought of it.

10:08 pm
2nd set, music is off to a slow start.
3rd set ok so far 10:15 pm
10:36 pm
danced a bit
double jig
treble reel
turnaround reel
slip jig
Linda & Tommy took our picture. They're from S. Carolina
must go to cobblestone, across from chief o'niells
irish? No. Waitress "yes" (nieve-like)
We met a couple who were sitting in the same corner of the bar as us, Linda and Tommy who were over from South Carolina.  Susan and I had started dancing on our own in the corner which of course turned a few heads (people leaping about like fleas tend to do that), and struck up a conversation with them.  Later in the evening, they took a picture of us dancing. (There's a list of the dances we did above.)
The musician in the second picture, on the left later requested we do a slip jig and it seemed that they liked having dancers as much as we like having musicians to dance to.  Nothing makes me want to dance more than having live musicians to dance with.
At the end of the evening, one of the musicians asked me if we had any Irish in us.  I said that I didn't that I knew of (Susan does) and the waitress piped in with "yes you do".

12:34 am
back at Greenmount
pretty stars, cloudy


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