Ireland - Day 4, April 18

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12:25 pm
Breakfast at Ruby Tuesdays, Full Monty with Farl
I don't recall what Farl was, but evidently I didn't choke on it.  The Full Monty is not what many of you might be thinking.  It's just a full Irish Breakfast.  The food was good at RT.
Because of the time we got in the night before, we slept late and skipped breakfast at CE.

1:28 pm
hot choc
What can I say, it was a chilly day.

2:22 pm
Looking for laundry shop
Sorry for the boring entries.  Today we were wandering Ennis looking for ways to spend our money.  Most of the time I didn't whip out my pilot and make notes (except of course for the really exciting things like looking for a laundry shop). Luckily we found one that would wash, dry, and fold all in an hour and a half.  We didn't realize how lucky this find was at the time.

3:00 pm
Music shop, tape & book
This was the Knotted Chord.  It's a very nice shop and we bought a set dancing tape Steps for Sets with Mick Mulkerrin and a copy of Toss the Feathers.

3:11 pm
Ennis friary

Susan doffs her coat and poses

3:47 pm
They had Internet access so we attempted to do some emailing.  Unfortunately they were using Netscrape and it was incompatible with the post office software on dragonseye.

5:00 pm
Picked up laundry
I know you're really excited now. :-)
When I told a co-worker that we were only taking two bags with us to Ireland, her eyes just about popped out of her head when I followed up the the fact that we were staying for two weeks.  We took one large bag and one smallish bag that you often see airline people using.  We then carried on two small bags with things we would often be carrying around during the trip.  That was it.  We were planning on washing clothes during the trip and that's what we did.  It worked out well and saved space that we filled with souvenirs.

5:47 pm
Preachers pub, Bulmers(M) & Guinness(S), apathetic waitress but nice surroundings. Pizza was good, mushrooms were ok (kept wanting chicken nuggets or fried jalapenos).
We ordered stuffed mushrooms with the pizza.  They were yummy but Razzoos rat toes would have been really good too.

9:12 pm
Cois na hAbhna
(koishna howna)
Clare Orange&Green - lesson
? Set
Connemara set
10:46 pm tea break (run for it!)
Balleyvorney reel
Dick O'connell
susan wild eyed, good blonde, older lady in blue from Kilfenora, friendly people
out at 12:05

Yes, the name of the hall is actually pronounced koishna howna.
I wasn't able to take any pictures of the dancing because we danced every set.  Dick O'Connell taught for the first 45 minutes and ran the music (no band this night, but that was ok).  We realized later in the evening that we had seen Dick and the blonde lady (unfortunately we didn't get her name, but she's a really good dancer) at Vaughn's on Sunday.  They're even in a video I made that night.
By the end of the evening Susan was a bit wild-eyed from us being dragged around the sets.  I think we did well though as we were generally familiar with the basic moves and did what we were told without harming anyone.  This and the group from Lisdoonvarna were a pleasure to dance with as they were very accommodating of us newbies.  I wish we could dance with them all the time.
The tea break was neat.  A couple of people carried out a table with tea and cakes and a lady we had been talking with said we'd better get over there if we wanted any.  There was not really much worry as there was plenty to go around, but it was funny to watch everyone practically run for the table (us included).

12:25 am


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