Ireland - Day 2, April 16

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8:56 am
mostly through breakfast, sun coming out, pancakes, egg, ham, tea
china, subdued mood from host, 
doolin ferries: �20, 065-7074455
Our host (Bridget Lucey) seemed quiet on our first morning.  If I remember correctly, we were the only ones coming down for breakfast and she mentioned that she ideally likes to get the day started earlier.  We didn't feel pressured to do so, but we did make a point of getting down to breakfast a bit earlier on the 17th.
We tried to call the ferry office to see what time the ferry runs to Inishmore and discovered that the number in the book (sorry, don't have it handy to give you the title, but it's a thick book with an orange cover) and found that the number was wrong.  After a bit of detective work I found the right number and found out that they leave at 11am.  So we hustled our butts and got on our way.

We stopped by the Cliffs of Moher on the way to the ferry.  The footpaths were closed due to the Foot & Mouth scare but at least we could still see the cliffs and get some good pictures.

10:53 am
On ferry to Inishmore "Happy Hooker"
Yes, the ferry really was called Happy Hooker.  Happy she might have been, but the ride was a cold one. 

11:20 am
People on board are cold & quiet. We're moving at a decent clip but it's windy & cold. There is an inner portion that is shielded & warm but only half can sit inside.

11:33 am
Stopped at first Inisheer. Ruins to south of port. Grey, cold, less windy.

The picture's blown up a bit, but there was a derelict boat on land.  Evidently part of Inisheer is underwater at times.

11:54 am
still ferrying

12:16 pm
on Inishmore
rented bikes
The bikes were basic 5-speeders with fairly uncomfortable seats.  For the next two days every time we sat down we were reminded of those bikes.  We bought a survey map of the island and with a recommendation, set off toward Kilmurvey.
Something we heard from one of our hosts (that you haven't read about yet) was that in parts of Ireland, a "bike" is a hooker and that when you pick one up it's referred to as "going for a ride".  Evidently that isn't common in the West as both Susan and I remember the shop advertising bike rental. 

1:25 pm
Port Kilmurvey
Stopped in Kilmurvey to shop. Got a scone & coke.
As well as a couple of souvenirs for us and other people.
One thing that we didn't get on Inishmore is Aran Sweaters.  They were all over, but the prices and the fact that we just don't get weather in Dallas that is cold enough prevented us from buying any.  Also, they would have taken up a ton of space in our luggage.  *sigh*  We wanted some, but I think we'll have to wait until we can move someplace where we can really use them.

Oh, well.  You can't see where we are.  When I can, I'll scan the map in and post it.


2:53 pm
near #2
Sorry, I don't remember where #2 is and don't have the map handy.  More info later


2:57 pm
mad cow! (near Manistir?) Just up from Joe Watty's pub.
(written later) I was riding down the road when I saw a cow coming onto the road up ahead. Not being familiar with cows, I didn't think twice about just riding right past it. (Might it have been an immature bull? I didn't look.) That all changed as I got near. It started walking toward me and let out an unmistakable "get out of my territory" bellow which startled me so that I almost fell off my bike as I went past. I sped up quite a lot but stopped only about 50yds down (Susan was still coming along the road on the other side of the cow). She rode past the cow, we warned two guys coming up, cow stopped them, one went flying back down the road, cow running toward us, we fly down the road.
I really wish that I'd gotten a picture of this bull.  Unfortunately I had other things on my mind like getting away from him.

3:51 pm
waiting for ferry back.

4:10 pm
on the ferry, on the way back.
played cards, watched scenery

We've just started on our way back

5:01 pm
Nearing the pier. Cliffs of Moher are in sight. heading back to Ennis....
tried to get up to a rundown tower but the road turned out to be private.  Had some horny animals near the entrance (goats?)

We played a bit after the ferry landed back in Doolin and explored the shore.  Nearer the water it really started to look Burren'ish.  Next to the water, where it obviously gets wet when the tide's in, there were thousands of mussels clinging to the rock (that dark purple stuff at my feet and in the last photograph).  We wandered the tide-pools getting neat shots.


8:59 pm
Guinness at ?

9:17 pm
Chicken Bathia (yum!), Chicken Vindaloo (wonderful lingering heat), Cobra beer (good), Mango Lassi (very creamy), keema nan (yum again!)
very good sauces for fried crispy appetizer thingy
We're back in Ennis and just finished a pint before dinner. We wanted to go to another restaurant across from Punjab as it looked a bit nicer from the outside (we learned that you can't tell what a place is going to be like by how they keep up the front).  They didn't have any tables remaining, so we decided to give Punjab a try.  We're both glad that we did.  The service was good and the food was wonderful.  I'm sure it didn't hurt that we were quite hungry when we went in.  Even if we hadn't been hungry I think we would still be raving about the place.

10:10 pm
we ate every bite. Wonderful. I could curl up & sleep on the table.

11:13 pm
Back at Cill Eoin. Got two bags of maltesers for dessert. Yum.
Nighty night


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