Ireland - Day 14, April 28

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8:49 am

9:41 am
Down to Ceol
Take a look at their site before continuing here.  I can't do it justice.

9:59 am
Coat room, plaster coats lining the walls.
Wish the portrait wall had names.
Two of the kiosks don't work, one has no sound & the other sounds like a chipmunk.
The interactive flute is overblowing.
The video is reversed on the Caledonion set video.
Bathrooms are dirty.
Wall tiles in room loo (rm310) were coming off the wall.
The plaster coats in the Coat Room were neat.  It was an interesting way to begin the Ceol journey.
Ok, many of these notes are problems that I saw.  I didn't write down all the good bits because there would have been too many.  The exhibit is well worth spending much more time that we had.
Unfortunately both Chief O'Neill's and Ceol are showing signs of lack of regular maintenance.  Things that just need to be taken care of on a regular basis are being overlooked and both places are showing avoidable signs of wear.  I've sent them our feedback (more than I have here) and I hope they start fixing the problems and keep on top of maintenance.  If they don't, both will become has-beens and will eventually die (probably within a few years).

11:54 am
checking out

1:35 pm
We've returned the car, checked in, made it through customs & are now waiting on our flight (early)
Usually customs is a long drawn out affair and I tried to get us through it early, not knowing that we'd be essentially waved through and stuck in a waiting room on the other end.

1:44 pm
Ran into Linda & Tommy from Dingle.
See Day 5

2:28 pm
The sardines are in the can & waiting

3:26 pm
In the air

*sigh*  Bye Ireland.

5:27 pm
Dinner was chicken & pasta for me & stuff for Susan (with red & white wine)
"Stuff"?  I have no idea why I wrote only that.

5:31 pm
Switching to continental time
11:31 am

12:22 pm
Mountains. Where are we?

12:36 pm
Blinding white cotton below

2:14 pm
Finished watching Vertical Limit. It's a missable movie. Tried to nap but it's too bright & noisy
mucking with my Doolin whistle.
It's fairly hard to practice a tin whistle without making noise.  I tried just concentrate on the fingering and imagine what the notes sounded like.  Not the best way to practice, but it went ok.

4:19 pm
Stupid movie. Won't even write the name down
headed down
To Chicago.  We had another brief layover there.

5:51 pm
In the terminal, got through customs & now waiting for the next plane.
Mocha fraps

7:46 pm
On the way, nice sunset over the right wing.
Moved due to brats with American parents. Generally good kids in Ireland, please & may I.
Most American parents drive us batty.  They let their kids run around making incredible noise and bothering people and just stand there oblivious to what's happening (and in some cases appear to be glad the kids are somewhere else).  This particular family consisted of a domineering husband (with obnoxious habits that the kids were obviously picking up), downtrodden wife (she appeared to be resigned that she was the one who had to teach the kids manners, but gave up too easily) and three noisy children.
One thing that Susan noticed in Ireland was that many (most?) children were well behaved.  When they weren't, the parents took care of it quickly.  More often than not, there were children in the pubs who behaved themselves (remember these are "public houses" not just bars as we have here.  They were originally meant for social interaction consisting of more than watching sports and trying to pick up the opposite sex).

8:12 pm
Clouds below us look like grey fractals

8:39 pm
Playing with whistle again. The flight has lots of empty rows
It was a largely empty plane so I wandered back several rows to the empty rear of the plane and started practicing.  Evidently Susan could hear a little of what I was playing but the engine noise blocked out most of it (probably a good thing).

9:02 pm
Down. Bang!
Bang because the pilot was really hot-dogging it that flight.


The end.  We made it home, without incident, about 11pm.


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