Ireland - Day 13, April 27

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11:40 am
Bought me a whistle video & music book at the Waltons store
The book was one that I'd seen out in the country and hadn't connected it with where we were staying in Dublin.  It was a collection of 1001 tunes put together by Chief O'Neill.  While in Dublin, we stayed at Chief O'Neill's and that's when I realized just what I'd been looking at.  The Chief was a major collector of Irish music and is credited with saving quite a lot of music at a time when people were forgetting it.  I was hoping to make it to the Waltons store while we were in Dublin and held off buying the book until then.

Susan slays some Bodhrans at Perfect Pitch

Now at Trinity college, book of Kells exhibit
The book of Kells exhibit is fantastic.  The first room consists of the history and making of the book (with videos showing how they think portions were actually made) and the second room contains the two volumes.  Each day the curators turn to the next page so that by repeating your visit you can see different parts of each volume.

12:31 pm
Now in the Long Room. Tons of old books.
How I would love to spend time thumbing through the thousands of books stored at Trinity College.  Unfortunately they were off limits.

2:56 pm
Been wandering the prehistoric Ireland exhibit for quite a while. There are tons of gold & bronze pretties here. I'm taking a bit of a rest for a moment.
If you go to Dublin, make it to the museum.  The exhibits take a while to get through but are worth it.
Something which struck me over and over again during our trip was the typical talk of ancient (insert subject here) which were actually only a few centuries old.  It wasn't until we got to the museum that we learned about items that were more than a few hundred years old. 

3:50 pm
St Stevens Green
It's a pretty park and looks like a good place to spend many days relaxing.


Grafton Street

The panoramic needs work, but this is the view on Grafton Street on a Friday afternoon.

6:30 pm
Back in Chief O'Neill's bar, having a pint before dinner.

7:23 pm
Kelley & Ping
Arnistan Bay Chennin blanc (good, slightly sweet flavor) from South Africa, Peking Duck (very good sauce), Thai curry lamb, medium heat (just the right heat, lamb could have been trimmed better though). Starter, Thai chicken somosas with wonderful sauce. I'm using chopsticks!
Banana bread pudding with chopsticks!
Write to them about being ignored after dessert.
I highly recommend Kelley  & Ping.  You do need to call ahead for reservations and you should be prepared to be ignored after you order dessert but the food is excellent.
I made a note about the chopsticks because I never eat with chopsticks.  I always feel like someone's making me eat using my toes and can never keep hold of my food.  This time however, Susan gave me an important tip about holding the sticks and I actually managed to eat dinner with them.
Once dessert came around, I switched to a fork but Susan kept going with chopsticks.
Again, we became invisible after ordering dessert.

10:36 pm
Fire! (major torchage going on)
Shortly after our arrival back in the room we noticed that the outside world seemed to be on fire.  When I looked out, below is what I saw.  A dozen or so lamp poles were ablaze at the top.  We kept the blinds open and eventually went to sleep watching the flames jump about in the wind.


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