Ireland - Day 10, April 24

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7:50 am
Awake & getting ready for the day.
Some fast moving clouds on the horizon, but it's not raining yet

9:25 am
Couple from Yuma AZ 6 weeks
The people we shared our breakfast table with were retired and spending six weeks in Ireland.  They'd been in Cahir for a few nights already and apparently were largely wandering Ireland.  *sigh*

10:05 am
In jewelry shop. Looking for rings. Buying a pendant watch, tipperary vase, gold trinity ring
The shop is having a 25th anniversary sale until the end of April.
Susan happened by a Jewelry shop that was having a major sale and found a nearly ideal necklace watch.  She'd been looking for something simple for several years, but everything at home is always overloaded with frills. The owner was extremely helpful and friendly and I'll post the name of the shop once I dig out the receipt.

10:56 am
Rock. Accordian player, Hoar Abbey

11:33 am
In the rock.



1:07 pm
Tour book, postcards

1:14 pm
Happy graffiti "Ireland is beautiful & so are you" in ladies
scones & hot choc
This was near the Rock and Susan thought that graffiti was a nice change from what one normally sees in the loo.
We had more scones and hot chocolate.  yum.
After that, we started hauling butt to Waterford.

2:40 pm
Tipperary Crystal store

Don't know the name of this ruin, but it was right across the road from the Tipperary crystal store.

3:14 pm
Caraig on Suir (driving through)

3:53 pm
Waterford, headed for crystal shop
This is also where we started to see "city" traffic again.

4:03 pm
In Waterford shop
4 'rita glasses
Glycine of Switzerland. Gorgeous Celtic watches
The Waterford store is gorgeous.  Most of it is a cross between a store and a museum.
I went looking for gifts and found some glasses which should make good wine/margarita glasses.  Also found a vase for my dad and several future gift ideas.


8:32 pm
Arklow. Been to Sheepwalk. Host is a very lively lady. Going to Kitty's (not. The menu is more appropriate for a formal dinner tomorrow). Couldn't find a place that had what we wanted that was still serving food. Settled on Birthistle's, Cajun chicken (good!), toasted special, with chips (including 4 pringles), cole slaw & potato salad, 2 guinies, 1 kilkenney
initially got lost in Arklow on the way to Avoca the first time.
Bunny on way back to Arklow
The signs in Arklow were really horrible and we got turned around a few times before we made it to Avoca.  Then we got a bit lost trying to find Sheepwalk.
Our host recommended that to go to Kitty's for dinner, but one we saw the menu and restaurant we decided that we should dress up a bit more.  We didn't feel like it that night so we made plans to do it the next.
T.J. Birthistle is a pub I'd definitely recommend.  The food and service was excellent.
And ok, we're easily amused.  We saw a bunny near the gate to Sheepwalk when we were on our way to dinner.

*sigh* Wish we could take lessons in Ireland.

10:35 pm
Back at Sheepwalk, neat window shutters, pretty room, neat cover pillows with latin written on them, storage loft.
Saw more baby bunnies on the way in.
See tomorrow's page for shots of the room.  It really was a nice comfortable room with a great view of the bay.
And yes, we got all excited by the bunnies.  I guess part of our attraction is that they're cute and a year ago, we had some babies born in our yard at home and we like seeing them.


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