The Ear, Week 3

Technically I’ve been ‘home’ since Wednesday but since I didn’t leave the hospital until almost noon and didn’t get home late in the afternoon, my first full day home was Thursday.

I spent a fair amount of it sleeping but not as much as I’d hoped to do.

For the remaining two weeks I’ve got to give myself IV antibiotics every 8 hours.  This means getting the hand-grenade(s) out of the refrigerator an hour ahead of time and letting them warm up.

Then I go through a routine of opening various syringes (no needles, yay) and pushing liquids into my arm before finally hooking up the anti-b.  It takes about 30 minutes to empty into my arm and during this time I can do pretty much anything I want.  No marathon running, but since that’s not generally on the menu of things to do during my day, I’m not missing that.

Once a day I have a second grenade to drink in and while I’ve been doing that in the middle of the day, I’m moving that so I can do my hour in the evening.

The ear seems to be healing properly (at least the doc thought so yesterday) and I’m due to go back to work on Wed.  I’ve still got a little bit of dizziness but I have some exercises to do and I’m going to take the Susan driving test before the weekend is out to see if I will be able to drive myself to work in the near-term.

If anyone needs some empty syringes (great for measuring liquids out precisely) or tubing with external clamps, let me know.  I really hate throwing all this stuff away and as long as it’s not used for food should be useful for *something*.  The Maker in me keeps wanting to do something with it.

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Soufriere Wharf

Another from the archive of our early pre-digital days.  Soufriere St. Lucia.  In the background is Chet, our guide for the day.

He’d studied in Britain to be an electrician and had returned home to work.  He supplemented his income by leading visitors around the island.  Hope he’s doing well.

I had hair!

Margarita Cactus Tree Skirt

design by Susan L. HarrisonMargarita in a skirt

Ahh, Friday night.  It’s my favorite time of the week, when hubby and I unwind with our favorite beverage.  As designated bartender, I squeeze the limes and mix top shelf tequila with Paula’s Texas Orange to create those smooth margaritas that kick off the weekend.  The ubiquitous cactus-stemmed glasses work best – not too sloshy, not too big, just right.  In this achingly hot summer of 2011, ‘ritas and rocks cause cactus condensation that fills our thirsty stone coasters.  What’s a margarita lover to do?  Crochet an extra coaster layer, of course.  How to make something that will resist the naughty glass’ efforts to tip over when the second round is poured?  How about a tree skirt for the cactus?  In the fiesta spirit, it doubles as a mini sombrero.  ¡Que te diviertas!

Notes & Abbreviations

Ch 1 at the beginning of a row counts as one single crochet stitch.

CC:  contrasting color (yellow in photo)
Ch:  chain
MC:  main color (red in photo)
Sc:  single crochet
Sl st:  slip stitch
Tbl:  through back loops


Approx. 10 yards worsted weight cotton yarn in 2 colors, about 6 yds MC to 4 yds CC.
Size G crochet hook, tapestry needle


Rather than a normal gauge, I’m adding tips so you can check the fit on your favorite margarita glass as you work and adjust hook size if needed.


•    Leaving a 6” yarn tail, ch 13 in MC.Margarita skirt in progress
•    Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 11 sts, switching to CC in loop pulled through final sc.  (12 sc)  Turn.

Tip: Hold your work around the stem of a margarita glass.  It should fit gently around with the initial chain about ½” – ¾” above the glass base, not overlapping but not stretched.

•    Ch 1. Sc in next 11 sts across.  (12 sts)  Turn.
•    Ch 1. Sc tbl in next 11 sts across, changing back to MC in final sc.  (12 sts)  Turn.
•    Ch 1. 1 sc in same st, 2 sc in next 11 sts across.  (24 sts)  Turn.
•    Ch 1. 1 sc in same st.  *1 sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st.  Repeat from * until 4 sts remain unworked.  1 sc in each of the next 3 sts, 2 sc in final st (turning chain).  Change to CC in final sc.  (31 sts)  Turn.

Tip: Hold your work around the stem again.  The row worked tbl should form a turning point around the bottom of the stem so the two rows below flare out onto the glass base.  All rows should meet around the glass without stretching or overlapping.

•    Ch 1. 1 sc in the same st and in the next 30 sts.  (32 sts)  Cut CC yarn and pull through final loop.
•    Move to the other end of the piece, which has the working MC yarn tail emerging through the front side.  Move the MC yarn to the back around the edge of the piece, and pull up a loop through the turning chain of CC.
•    Ch 1. 1 sl st in the next 31 sts.  Work loosely to avoid tightening the edge.  (32 sts)
•    Cut yarn to leave a 6” tail.  Ch 1, and draw yarn tail through final loop.


Weave in CC yarn ends.
Thread each MC tail onto a tapestry needle, weave to the edge of the row worked through back loops, and tie a knot in the end of each to prevent unraveling.  Wrap the sombrero / tree skirt around your glass stem, tie the MC yarn tails together, fill the glass with your favorite margarita, and shout “¡Vamos a rumbear!”

Would you like a nice, printer-friendly PDF of this pattern that fits on one page?  Here ya go.

© Copyright Susan L. Harrison.For private, non-commercial use only.Created August 2011.

Interesting things 6/11/10

This is what I’ve been working so much overtime for the last 10 days. I don’t blog work details so this is all you’re getting. 🙂

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Do you know this driver? 4/22/10

Going through my backlog of idiot shots…

I was headed back to work after lunch.

Shut up!

(All the pictures I’ve taken while behind the wheel have all been while I’m stopped at a normal traffic stop. Once I come up with a way to mount the camera on the car and take remote shots I’ll be able to immortalize many many more people driving dangerously.)

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Interesting things I saw today 4/22/10

I’m catching up on a backlog of interesting things starting with some people playing with remote control cars in the work parking lot.

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Building an ugly but portable observing stool

After putting up with a step stool as my observing chair for the first few months after re-entering the world of astronomy I decided that I needed something more height adjustable and portable. It always seemed that neither of the two steps was ever at the right height to make for comfortable observing and it always seemed that the stool was more of hindrance, overall.

There are loads of designs on the net for building your own observing chair and lots of suppliers that will sell you one but most of them either were designed such that they would be difficult to fit into my Mini Cooper or cost more than I was willing to pay. With a few I even had concerns about the chair portion staying where it was put.

Then I ran across the Home Built Astronomy Projects website and an observing stool design by Rod Nabholz at that looked like it would work perfectly.

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Do you know this driver? 4/9/10

While driving to work on the 7th. I really need to get my mobile rig working cause this is another that blew through an active school zone with the phone to her ear.

Shut up!

(All the pictures I’ve taken while behind the wheel have all been while I’m stopped at a normal traffic stop. Once I come up with a way to mount the camera on the car and take remote shots I’ll be able to immortalize many many more people driving dangerously.)

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Air travel

I love this quote from the The New York Times.

Air travel, for example, is generally so vile (at least outside first class) that the trip itself is work, as you suggest. You should be given bonus pay. Or a powerful sedative.

It’s just a matter of time before we’re all sedated and stuffed in boxes.

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