Block o chili


Apparently I make thick chili.

This is after having been completely thawed out.

Still have two quarts to go. Leftovers from a work cookout two weeks ago.

I’m going to need a bigger pot


For the chili I’m making for the work picnic tomorrow

After a tough day at work


Ah hell. Who needs an excuse? I wanted a beer.


Spring is here so it’s time to be outdoors.  Wandering about at work and stopped to take some pictures of the photogenic rocks that are piled up in our parking lot.

Great racing clouds of glory


Perfect for staying home, in a hammock, drinking run runners, being transported to a beach in my head.

Stupid work. I don’t know why they won’t pay me to stay home and stare at clouds all day.

These clouds are moving really fast but since I didn’t post a video you’ll have to rock back and forth to simulate the effect. Trust me, it totally works.


Driving to work this week and I see someone with Satan on their license plate.

Devil-worshipping Lexus? Makes sense to me

Maybe it’s supposed to be an indian but that’s not what it looks like from one car back.

I’m not gay but I play one on tv

Ok, not really.
The tv part, not the gay part.
So the CEO of Barilla wants gay people to go eat some other pasta. What’s the point of coming out and saying that? Is he afraid that if gay people eat his pasta (that’s not a euphemism, or maybe it is) that he’ll go gay?
Dude, it doesn’t work that way.
But just in case, I won’t eat your pasta just to make sure it won’t turn me into an asshole. It seems to have had that effect on you.

Light bar

We’ve been working on replacing our kitchen lights with an led solution and one test involved a spool of leds on an adhesive backing. Unfortunately they were not bright enough and the color temperature was not to our liking.
Makes a great light over my electronics work area though.


Take some u channel aluminum (don’t pronounce it aluminium. I’d have to hurt you) and stick two rows of leds down at the bottom of the channel


Add 12v and…


A few holes drilled and the whole thing can be screwed to the bottom of a shelf.

SPOD – Look up

Sky Picture Of the Day for Feb 14, 2013

I’m running more than a little behind due to Valentines day followed by network problems followed by work.  *sigh*.


On Friday morning I decided not to pack a lunch and instead go out.  I’m glad I did.  It was a very pretty day which is good for my SPOD series and turned out to be good for hawk spotting.

There’s an empty building near work that has a parking garage overlooking some farmland.

On this day there was a good dozen hawks looking for food and fighting over territory.

Click the picture for more.