Snow Rose Play

Continuing from the Gimp Gnowledge post, a friend suggested I mask off the rose and darken the wood.  I went one step further and desaturated the picture but can’t decide if I like the fully desaturated version:

or if I prefer the lightly desaturated one.

Of course now I should mask off the sky and modify it so that it doesn’t turn white when desaturated.  Or I could deepen the blue and just desaturate the wood so it looks old.  Or… #neverending.

Finally, a Fence!

Six weeks to the day after the wind/tornado took out our fence, we finally have a new one. It wasn’t bad not having a fence for a while, and we toyed with the idea of going fence-less (gasp! In Plano?) but watching the alley traffic pass by and gazing on garbage cans strengthened the case for a fence. Adopting Chip cinched it. The new front gate has a pretty arch.

It will be stained in 2-3 weeks, after the wood has a chance to get used to its new situation in life. 


The double-board trim adds a posh touch to the 6″ wide cedar. Kudos to Bob Durone, Horizon Projects, and his crew. I’ll be happy to recommend them to anyone who wants a handsome fence.