Interesting things I saw today 4/13/10

Chip enjoying an evening walk.

People practicing their karate moves. Not sure what the camera focused on but I kinda like the result.

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Interesting things I saw today 4/4/10

Easter dinner of chinese food which started out with a yummy eggroll and steamed dumplings.

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Interesting things I saw today 3/29/10

A black guy driving an older – almost a beater – sports car on the access road to 190, with a bible in his lap. How do I know he had a bible in his lap? He gave me a lift back to work. I’d just dropped off my car to have a tire looked at and decided I’d walk back to work rather than wait the 90 minutes it was going to take. Besides, it’s a gorgeous day today.

1/4 of the way back to work this guy pulls up and asks if I’d like a lift. After looking to see if I knew the driver – I didn’t – I decided to take him up on his offer. My spidey sense wasn’t tingling and work was just a half mile up the road so in the car I got.

He was a friendly guy younger than me who had a few hours to kill before work and was studying up on his bibleage while driving. Being picked up by a complete stranger – or at least one that didn’t trigger alarm bells – didn’t bother me any but being picked up by someone reading while he was driving certainly did. At least he didn’t read it all the way back to my office.

I really wanted to get his photo to go with this post but in the end I chickened out, thanked him for the lift and went into work.

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Do you know this driver? Extra catches

So after work today I took Chip for a walk. It was a gorgeous evening, just a bit cool and with a clear sky.

I took him by a well-travelled street near our house and ended up with more than 20 shots of people driving while talking on the phone. Those are going to take a while to get through but at least I have steady material for a while.

I also caught a couple of people who weren’t talking on the phone but were being idiots.

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Happy walking Chip

We’re going to walk more, right?

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Frozen legged Chip

I haven’t posted a picture of Chip in a while so here’s a recent one with snow covering his legs.

Susan had to put him into a warm bath after that walk.

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Things I saw while on vacation. Part II

This is a continuation of this post.

We got some more snow! It didn’t stay long due to some rain overnight but it was nice while it was around.


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I will use my mind ray to make you play with me. Or take me for a walk. That would be good too.


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Chip goes to the dog park

Chip hasn’t been to the dog park in a long time so we decided to head out there since we haven’t taken the boy on a real walk in several days.

He started getting excited when he saw us getting our shoes out because that always means we’re going somewhere. The tone of our voices and way we were talking to him meant he was going with us so at the very least he knew we were going for a walk.

When we started heading for the garage he knew we were going somewhere even more interesting than normal and once we started driving he began absolutely quivering with excitement.

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Take me for a walk, now.


The boy loves to be outside and so far is a great influence for getting up and running at 6-o-f**k in the morning. With work and such keeping me busy I haven’t been getting up at 4am in quite some time and it’s hard to get out of bed these days.

Having a little dog that wants to *run* as soon as we leave the house helps.

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