Ahh, a September Ceili

It’s finally cooling off, the clouds saw fit to mizzle on us most of the day and the temperature was finally in the range where it was pleasant to go for a walk in the middle of the day.

Naturally we all piled into the pub Trinity Hall to jump around and get hot to good music played by the Trinity Hall Session Players

The dances done were:

Haymakers jig,
Siege of Ennis
Kilfenora Set
High Cauled Cap
Ballyvourney jig
Rakes of Mallow

Hopefully next month I’ll be able to spend more time dancing and calling than this time.  Thanks to everyone how came out to dance and to Trinity Hall and the session players for the venue and wonderful music!

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Cute dog fetch

Saw the cutest thing this morning while walking Chip.

A half dozen houses up from where we were this black and white long-haired dog (sorry, don’t know what breed) bounds out of a house, runs down to the end of the walk, grabs a newspaper in his mouth, turns a 180 on a dime and runs back inside the house.

Very smartly done and clearly the dog enjoyed doing that task for his human.

Interesting things – WTF car

I don’t see too many weird things on the morning runs with the dogs – well, alright there was the mouse crossing the street – but this definitely falls into the wierd box.

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Interesting things – Sunset 7/12/10

Went for another evening walk with the boy and was rewarded by a pretty sunset.

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Interesting things – Chip & the sunrise 7/12/10

Yet another ralk with Chip, early in the morning.

I didn’t have my camera with me which guaranteed I’d see something interesting.

A cloud that looked like a duck. By the time we got back home and I grabbed the camera it wasn’t as strongly duck shaped but here it is anyway.

That evening we took just a walk – too bloody hot for anything else.

After completing a circuit around the pond we headed off across the field where I stopped and attempted to take a picture of my favorite puppy.

Little did I know he’d pick that moment do do his business.

“Really? You’re going to take a picture of me now?”

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Interesting things – Shrooms 7/6/10

While ralking (it’s a run-walk but not a jog) with Chip I ran across these little guys.

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Interesting things 6/25/10

On our morning ralk (combination run and walk as we alternate between the whole time) we ran across a pretty flower.

Of course, the point of the ralk is to make a little dog very happy. Well, and get a bit of exercise of course.

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Interesting things 6/12/10

A man who thinks he’s a rock star. May be is.

A lovely lady knitting in public on Knit in Public day.

Once at the beach we had a light snack/dinner

With the right liquid.

Followed by a walk on the beach

Click on any of the pictures for the full gallery for the first day.

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Interesting things I saw today 5/15/10

We finally got off our butts and out of the house to take the boy for a walk and ran across…

A pretty thistle.

A series of trees that had been knocked over by a storm on the previous day.

A family of ducks swimming around the pond.

And several turtles.

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Interesting things I saw today 4/26/10

This day was full of interesting things. I stayed home from work so Susan and I would have plenty of time to play before heading off to see David Sedaris in the evening.

We ran across a tree that’s going to make a bridge soon.

and a sign for someone wanting to be – or remain – on the school board. Is she the apple or is she the worm?

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