Letter Home 13

This letter is chock full of mushroomy goodness though we aren’t going to list all the species we found. Perhaps in another video.

As usual there are timecode links to specific parts of the video and web links to places we visited.

The the end for the actual video

Elkins WV
Revelle’s Campground http://www.revelles.com/CMS/
Fruity Barrel Cactus 0:31 https://dragonseye.com/blog/2019/08/F…
Seneca rocks 1:33 https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mnf/r…
Sites Homestead 2:01 https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mnf/r…
Mylius Trail 2:09 https://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/reg…

Charlottesville VA
Mushrooms around the Charlottesville KOA 2:49 https://koa.com/campgrounds/charlotte…
First mushroom spore print 3:07
Riverview Park 3:57 https://www.charlottesville.org/depar…
Kemper Park 4:05 https://www.monticello.org/visit/the-…
Sunspots Studios in Staunton 4:17 https://www.sunspots.com/
Trinity Episcopal Church 4:37 https://trinitystaunton.org/
Monticello! 4:53 https://dragonseye.com/blog/2019/08/T…
Skyline Drive 6:08 https://www.nps.gov/shen/planyourvisi…

Fancy Gap VA
Fancy Gap Cabins 6:28 https://fancygapcabinsandcampground.c…
Blue Ridge Music Center (mushrooms) 6:51 http://www.blueridgemusiccenter.org/
Hot Lips! 7:01
Cumberland Knob hiking 9:00 https://www.nps.gov/blri/planyourvisi…

Asheville NC
Mushrooms! 10:00
Rutledge Park train 10:15
Treehouse & bears! 10:38

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Letter Home 12

Where we’ve been and what we’ve done, from Florence AL to Durbin WV

You can use the timecode links below to jump to a particular section of the video

Here’s an addendum because I forgot to add the video of the twisty turney mountain roads in the rain and hail on the way to Durbin WV


Florence 0:0


Bushnell 3:03

Sumter Oaks RV Park https://dragonseye.com/blog/2019/08/Sumter-Oaks-RV-Park/

Fixing Reception issues https://dragonseye.com/blog/2019/08/Tweaking-the-Netgear-Nighthawk-MR1100-for-RV-travel/


St. Augustine 3:32


Peach World 4:14


Asheville 4:22


Biltmore 4:54



Mushrooms! 6:00


Blue Ridge Parkway 6:36



Grove Park Antique Car Museum 7:06



Thistle Meadow Winery 7:14



Kairos RV Resort 7:36



Durbin WV 8:50




Trains! 10:27



Confederate Pride! 11:54


Green Bank 12:02



Gaudineer Knob 12:34




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Thoughts on Monticello

Going in, we had booked the Behind The Scenes tour (which was excellent) and hoped to take the Guided Slavery at Monticello tour (also excellent) and whatever else we could fit in.

I went in thinking we’d be in and out in just a few hours, not because I didn’t want to spend a lot of time at Monticello, but because I’d only added up the tours’ durations.  I had not sufficiently accounted for wandering around the grounds, taking self-guided tours, enjoying the gardens and views, and musing on the lives and acts that had played out on this land.

These gardens were walled-in and locked at night during Jefferson’s time

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