Jupiter Aug 30, 2009

This was from the best 314 images out of 800 taken with a Canon SD750 in video mode @ 640×480

The seeing was so-so and the GEM wasn’t fully aligned. Got this just before the clouds rolled in this morning.


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Jupiter Aug 19, 2009

This is my first real attempt to stack movie frames to create a higher detail shot of anything. I think it turned out pretty good considering that the seeing wasn’t very good last night and this was my first real try at stacking.


I used a Canon sd700 in movie mode at 15fps to capture 10 seconds of video which was passed through virtualdub to create an uncompressed avi that was then run through several iterations of registax until I got the results above.

One frame from the video looks like this:


I still have a long way to go with the tools but not too shabby. Wish I’d tried this the night before when Io was transiting and the Great Tan Spot (it’s not red anymore) was visible. Oh well, next time.

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Literal music videos

If you haven’t heard of literal music videos, you’re in for a treat.

They’re music videos (duh) that have had the vocals replaced with a description of what’s happening in the video rather than the original song.

The best ones feature people who can actually sing and sound at least somewhat like the original artist.

It’s most funny if you remember seeing the original video when it first came out.

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So what is the Kindle really like?

I use my Palm TX all the time for reading books and watching movies and do so because it’s small enough to carry everywhere and powerful enough to show full-screen video at full frame rates.

It’s useless for note taking thanks to the abomination known as Graffiti 2 (thanks a whole lot Palm) but still functions as an appointment reminder.

So what about the Kindle? It’s big. I couldn’t put it in a pocket. On the other hand it does one thing and some think it does that one thing quite well.

What’s your opinion?

Dances in the ceili

Bridge of Athlone


Walls of Limerick

Fairey Reel

An Rince Mor

Dance Competition

This was just too damn cute for words. More pictures and video tomorrow.

Waves of Tory

Comhaltas 2008 pre-wrap-up

It’s a pre-wrap-up post because I didn’t get the chance to post information on the Saturday Banquet and ceili or the Sunday workshop and ceili or the final 9 beers, multiple mixed drinks and two pizzas party that Susan, Jean and I had in the bar on Sunday night so I’ve decided to include those in a final wrap-up tied with a bow post later this week.

Work’s kinda busy so hopefully it’ll only take me a few days to finish it and get all the good pictures and video posted.

Friday set workshop

It was great fun, we learned a fast and frantic Ballingeary Jig Set followed by an easier set whose name I forget at the moment.


As always Padraig and Roisin were great instructors although they’re human too and messed up one set.  Naturally I have that on video and the rest of the Club Rince Ghaelaigh will see it as Susan and I pass on the sets we’re learning.

Fun time.

Getting ready to jump about

The Comhaltas is getting closer and Susan and I are frantically packing, getting dance material together, charging batteries, preparing the video recorder and generally running about the house.

It’s going to be a weekend full of Irish music, ceili and set dancing. Can’t wait.

Oh, and we’re going on a bus tour of New York. Sometimes you just gotta be a tourist.


Squirrelage pt deux

Sophie was all excited to go outside and proceeded to run about back and forth near and under our pear tree. A few minutes later I went outside to see what she was up to and found her at the base of our pistachio really quiet and really excited.


I cheered her on and got some video, which I’ll post on the main gallery later, and eventually the squirrel made a break for it. Unfortunately Sophie wasn’t fast enough and the Squirrel made it to the roof where she proceeded to taunt Sophie with squeaks and tail swishing.

Dancing at Lochrann’s Feb 17

If you can make it out to Lochrann’s for the music and dancing on first and third Sundays, please do. It’s lots of fun, good atmosphere and exercise. For pictures and video check out http://www.dragonseye.com/gallery/v/dancing/lochranns/