Any EE’s out there?

I’ve got a Velleman K8000 kit that got nuked by some storms several months ago and is now blowing fuses whenever it’s plugged in.

It’s not the diode bridge or voltage regulator as those have now been replaced.

Any ideas on how to diagnose this?

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Sourceforge project open

The controller software has come far enough along that I’ve opened up a sourceforge account for it and will start accepting other developers that want to help out with the project.

It’s officially open-source at this point and is being released under the GPL license.
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Computer Control for the Table

A few months ago I bought some hardware for interfacing my computer with the outside world along with a relay card and stepper motor card. I had some time over the weekend (actually I just couldn’t put it off any longer) to finish soldering the main board together and hook it up to the computer and table.
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