I’m not gay but I play one on tv

Ok, not really.
The tv part, not the gay part.
So the CEO of Barilla wants gay people to go eat some other pasta. What’s the point of coming out and saying that? Is he afraid that if gay people eat his pasta (that’s not a euphemism, or maybe it is) that he’ll go gay?
Dude, it doesn’t work that way.
But just in case, I won’t eat your pasta just to make sure it won’t turn me into an asshole. It seems to have had that effect on you.

Interesting things – TV Disassembly 7/24/10

Saturday I spent some time disassembling a very old TV so my in-laws could use the cabinet for general purpose storage.

Of course, I had to get some pictures first

It was soon followed by much disassembly, resulting in TV guts in a box

and an empty cabinet.

Click on any of the images for more.

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Cool green screen reel

I had no idea so many of the backgrounds in TV shows I watch weren’t on-location shots.

Take a look.

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Vote with your wallets

This is a great chart describing some of the reasons why I don’t buy more media, preferring to record off TV or do without. It’s also why when I do buy, I rip it to a file that I can watch anywhere without a hassle.

Click for the full chart.

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Media conglomerates, you want my money?

Go buy a clue.

If you’d stop gouging your customers, shafting your customers and suing your customers I’d buy more of your product and you probably wouldn’t be laying people and/or closing your doors.

Price your product for mass-market sales, make it dirt-simple to get hold of and get rid of the DRM.

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Cape May 2008 Pt IV

I have been suitably chastized by Jean and while Susan and I drink Jack and cokes here’s what we did with Dwayne and Margie today.

This has been a seriously dance-filled day.

It started out with a workshop led by Padraig McEneany on the Antrim Square Set followed by the Aherlow Set, trailed by the Tory Island Set and part of the Sliabh gCua set. The first one is a very short, but very fun set that the people back home can look forward to learning soon.

Dancing the Aherlow Set

At some point during the workshop someone out in the crowd had a senior moment as observed by Padraig but Susan said it sounded like someone had had a senior movement. We were both glad it turned out not to be the latter.

Between the workshops we wandered around a bit, took pictures of the taffy house and the Sea Witch Festival.

Yummy taffy stand.jpg

Sandcastle at the Sea Witch festival.jpg

After a quick slice of pizza it was back to the afternoon workshop to finish out the sets.

We had time for Susan to run about town while I slept and then met Margie and Dwayne for dinner and then back to dancing!


Clare Lancers.jpg

I don’t know how many sets we danced. Most of them because it seemed that most were ones we had done before or they were sets we’d learned that day. We both love it when someone calls a set because even with an unfamilar one we can figure most things out on the fly by listening to what’s coming up.

We closed the evening by dragging our very tired legs upstairs and soothing them with some Jack and Coke.

Here’s the last dancing picture for the day.

Fancy Legs.jpg

Once we’d sort of settled in back at the room, with the sound of the breakers on the beach, we were wandering through the TV channels looking for something that was worth watching. One does have to be careful about flipping through TV channels late at night though. You’re likely to hear "What’s the secret to moisturizing your hair?" *click* "Cleaning your nose."


On that note… Goodnight.

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That’s what the music industry loves.

They get you when you buy blank media.

They get you when you buy a CD (don’t share those songs with your friends because we’ll come after you and ruin your life).

And they get people who may or not be making any money from playing the songs.

From Florida comes the story of tavern owners being shaken down for having live music or even just the TV on.

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Happy Halloween Charlie Brown!

40 years ago the Great Pumpkin was almost seen on TV for the first time when It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown aired. It’ll be on TV again tonight but even if you miss that, take a look at some clips on www.peanuts.com.

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Laser TV too good to be true?

I last mentioned Arasor in my previous post on laser TV but it appears that once again if something sounds too good to be true, it just might be missing some parts.

Smarthouse is reporting that Arasor is facing lawsuits from several directions and even has Mitsubishi publicly wondering why they weren’t invited to the very public announcement of the laser device since they’re apparently (they don’t know) will be manufacturing the displays used.

The Company who earlier this month rolled out a Laser TV which directors claimed was set to be the killer of the plasma screen is facing the potential of ongoing legal claims as it attempts to get Laser TV off the ground. Arasor and two of its directors Simon Cao and Larry Marshall have received notice from Nomad Networks Pty Ltd, Photon Engineering Pty Ltd, Southern Cross Lasers Pty Ltd and Dr Adam Weigold claiming that they intend to make a claim against the Arasor Group for breach of contract and breaches of Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act.

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More laser TV

Looks like another company is set to release an laser-driven HDTV set in 2007.

As I mentioned previously about Novalux, laser TV is coming and Arasor of Sunnyvale, CA is set to release a competing TV next year.

Details are slim on thier technology and there aren’t any live pictures that I can find but lasers are very quickly making it into just about every aspect of our lives. The "solution in search of a problem" doesn’t seem to lack for problems to solve these days.

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