Set dance classes at Trinity Hall Sep/Oct

Another round of Trinity Hall classes are coming up in September.

Here’s the plan.

Where: Trinity Hall

When: 7-9:30pm
Sep 3rd, 17th
Oct 1st, 15th
Nov 5th (delayed one week!)

We’ll start off with basics/review at 7 for the common steps/movements used in the more popular set dances (advance and retire, sevens, basic battering to be used later, etc).  If you haven’t danced a set in a while (or ever) or if you would like a review (or just want any excuse to get up and move around) this is for you. The others might want to show up during this period just to settle in before we start the first set.

We’ll break for a short while about 7:45-ish and move on to working on the current round of sets.  If you’ve come for the beginner portion, stay for the rest!  There’s usually enough experienced people that we can (gently) drag you through the movements.

We went through The Merchant Set and The Connemara Reel during the last session so we’ll rip through those on the 3rd and follow those in later sessions with the Corofin Plain and Camp Set. Depending on how things go we may add more sets to the list and/or spend some extra time on footwork.

Except for the beginning and ending time, the schedule will be somewhat fluid depending on the experience of the attendees and how quickly we progress.

Who: While there’s no particular age or height limit, this is more of an adult or young-adult kind of class in that it works best with people of similar height and attentiveness.  If you aren’t sure, just ask!

Cost: Whatever you can afford or think the class is worth, we’ll have a tip jar at the entrance to the dance area.

Q. What should I bring?

A desire to get up and move about.  Shoes that are comfortable and allow you to slide easily (but not too slippery!) on a tile floor.

Friends and family!

Q. What should I do to prepare?

Feel free to take a look at the notes linked above though this isn’t required.

We’d also like to know who’s planning on coming so please respond with an “I’ll be there and I’m bringing X people!”

if you can commit to the entire set of classes that would be best.

July 2012 dancing

Here’s the rundown for scheduled Irish dancing events around Dallas in July.

3rd Sunday Ceili at Trinity Hall Dallas – Céilí with the Trinity Hall Session Players
Date: Sunday, July 15th
Time: 3:00 – 6:00 pm
Location: Trinity Hall Irish Pub at Mockingbird Station
5321 E. Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206
Cost: Free!  (Please do support the pub.)
Music by: Trinity Hall Session Players
Dances: What dances would you like?  Ceili, two-hand, Set, just let us know what you enjoy dancing!  Shout out in email, Facebook or Twitter about dances you’d like to do!

Irish Social Dancing Basics Class
Date: Saturday, July 21st.
Time: TBD (it will be in the afternoon, time is being firmed up as people respond)
Location: Harrison Studio in Plano, 75025
Cost: A $5 donation would be appreciated.
This will be a lesson in fundamentals, how to get from point A to B without running into folks plus what to do with your feet.
*** Does a 4:00pm start time work for you? If not, what would? We’ll dance for 1½ – 2 hours.

If you’re on Facebook see the Invite for current discussions.  You can also reply to this post with any questions you may have.

Irish Social Dancing Intermediate Class
This will be a slightly more advanced class as compared to the class happening on the 21st.  Details are still being worked out but it will probably be held on either the 28th or 29th.  Reply to this email or on Facebook if you’d like more details or have a preferred date.

D/FW Irish Ceili Dancers on Facebook
If you haven’t yet seen it check out the group on Facebook.  It’s another avenue to find out about upcoming events and connect with local dancers.

Twitter channel for Irish dancing in D/FW
If you’d like to get dance related updates on your phone or twitter client, there’s a new channel for the D/FW area where you can find out about dancing opportunities.
Check out @dfwirishdance in your twitter client to keep up with dance events.  You can also comment and share events where people can get up and dance!

Dance notes, full and crib
A continually growing list of notes on Irish, Scottish, ceili, set, two-hand and Contra dances is available on DanceMinder.  The interface allows a full view with all notes as well as a Crib view that presents a shortened view suitable for calling or referring to when you’re on the dance floor.
If you’d like to help contribute let us know.

Interesting Things: First Trinity Hall ceili for 2012

Had a good crew out for dancing at the first Trinity Hall ceili of 2012.

Great music by the THSP as well. Thanks everyone for coming out!

Click on the picture to see more of the dancing and check the calendar for the next ceili!

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Interesting things – Will there ever be rain?

Here’s another picture Katie! August 21st is the next Trinity Hall ceili and Sep 3rd is the next ceili at the Sammons Center.

I would give anything to have clouds like these, especially if they meant we were getting rain!

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Interesting things – Gecko eggs

This one’s for you Katie. August 21st is the next Trinity Hall ceili and Sep 3rd is the next ceili at the Sammons Center.

We’ve had a family of geckos living in our garage the last several years and I was happy to see that they’re still around. Last year we found all sorts of broken eggshells in one corner under the peat moss. This year we found some whole eggs.

They weren’t much bigger than my fingernail but there were three little eggs baking in our garage.

Two weeks later we had eggshells again.

Eat those bugs, guys!

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Interesting things – Trinity Hall ceili 4/17/11

We had slightly more than enough people for a set and a few ceili dances and great music by John Burleson, Michelle Feldman and ??? (we didn’t get his name!)

We did the North Kerry set, Haymakers Jig, Siege of Carrick, Rakes of Mallow, 4-hand and 6-hand. Great music, great fun!

Click on either image for the full gallery and join us next month!

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Interesting things – Trinity Hall ceili 3/20/11

It was a light group this time with some new people who dropped by so we did more ceili.

The music was grand, wish you’d been there!

Click on the image for the full gallery.

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