Open letter to Netflix and Amazon about VPN use

Please give us a way to certify that we aren’t spoofing our location to get around region blocks.

There’s a large group of people like us who travel regularly, need to use whatever wifi is available and also need to make sure our online usage is protected as much as it can be.

We would also like to watch the streaming service we’re paying for.

While we understand that there is (probably) a larger number of people using VPNs to get around region blocks, there are many who are not.

Who are they?


We may move weekly or monthly and aren’t always sure how we’ll be connected to the indispensable internet once we finish moving and set up camp.

We may connect through free camp wifi to save on our precious minutes or because even with a cell booster, we can’t use our phone or hotspot. 

And more often than not, the camp wifi is unsecured.  Even if it’s secured, who knows if everyone in the camp can be trusted.  A VPN is not just a good idea.  It’s the only idea.

Even if we can connect to our cell plan we may want to keep the additional layer of safety going.

If you have a trusted VPN, the next problem you’ll have is that your streaming service has probably blocked great swaths of IP addresses that your VPN uses.  You may even find that where you purchase 1/4 of your products has also decided to block VPNs for normal buying access.

Netflix and Amazon.  I’m talking to you.

Even if you have a VPN service that claims you can use either, it means that you’ll be engaged in an endless game of whack-a-mole as the service blocks IP addresses and your VPN opens up new addresses to get around the block.

One day you’ll be streaming safely and the next day, you’re locked out.

Netflix and Amazon, let your users certify that they’re using VPN for their own safety.

There are many ways you could validate where we’re actually logging in from, both before and after we activate the VPN.  Let us do this so that we can browse safely and use the streaming services WE’RE PAYING FOR.

You’ll make the honest users happier and happy users are more likely to give you more money.

Unhappy users are more likely to jump ship.

Please.  Just do this.

I know that for us, this one thing is the only thing that’s making us think about cutting the virtual streaming cord.

New video! Camp Summaries 3

Quick coverage of the third 8 camps we stayed in during the first leg of the Great Wander.  The first 16 are featured in and

Camps covered in this episode

Camping World, Longmont CO

Spruce Lake RV Resort, Estes Park CO

Douglas KOA, WY

Devil’s Tower /Black Hills KOA, WY

Beaver Lake Campground, Custer SD

Cedar Pass Campground, Interior SD

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort, Custer SD

Flintstones Bedrock Mystery

Indian Campground, Buffalo WY

Link to light repair article:,-look.-The-other-headlight-fell-off/

New video! Camp Summaries 2

Quick coverage of the second 8 camps we stayed in during the first leg of the Great Wander. The first 8 are featured in!-Camp-Summaries-1/

Twin Fountains RV Park, Oklahoma City, OK

Shiloh Vineyard, WaKeeny, KS

Dakota Ridge RV Park, Golden CO

Evergreen CO

Glenwood Canyon Resort, Glenwood CO

Winery at Holycross Abbey, Canon City CO

Pueblo KOA, Pueblo CO

Mountaindale Cabins & RV Resort, Colorado Springs CO

St. Croix 2015

It was past time for another beach trip and in the spirit of “just do it,” Susan booked the resort and air travel in the space of about 5 minutes. I could be exaggerating a bit, but not by much.

By May 9th, we were off to St. Croix. Ahhhhh.

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Interesting Things: Philadelphia – Magic Gardens

The Philadelphia Magic Gardens are a fun place to wander about if you like lots of color and texture.

If you’re in the area, check it out and spend an hour exploring the garden and nearby buildings.

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Interesting Things: Thanksgiving puppy

I’m bored. And need to pee. Do you have a treat? I love you.

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Interesting Things: Packing for Caddo

Only thing left to pack is the dog.

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