Letter Home 9

Where we’ve been and what we’ve done, from Fredericksburg Texas to Dallas Texas
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The Vineyards of Fredericksburg 0:15

Dogologie https://dogologie.com/

Willow City Bluebonnet Loop 0:48

Hilmy Vineyards 1:51

LBJ State Park 2:03

LBJ National Park

La Hacienda RV Resort 3:03

Irish set dancing in Austin! 3:55

Lavonia COE Park 4:44
Toes in the air! 4:55
Storms 5:22
Happy Dog 5:30
Kites 5:51
Storms again 6:27
Train! 6:50
Blue Heron 7:47
Another storm 8:03
Set dancing! 8:28
The last storm 9:12

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Interesting Things: Old Tape Player

Went over to my dad’s and we took apart a couple of old tape players to see if we could get one of them working. One needs a new belt and a bit of lubrication. The other though needs a new drive wheel.

What causes that? Metal fatigue?

We then moved on to testing some old radio tubes

and had several old tubes that worked just fine!

Now I’ve got to order a new belt and we should have one working player from the late 50’s that we can use to digitize some family tapes.

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