Astro pictures July 11, 2009

It was nice and cool this morning with a light breeze the interfered with my picture taking but felt good so I rather have had it than not.

Took a look at the ring nebula again but don’t have any pictures worth sharing and followed up by checking to see if it really was Neptune that I saw yesterday morning. Turns out that it was indeed.


The picture’s not great because of the wind but the blueish dot is the planet Neptune. No, really.

Susan couldn’t sleep and came outside with Chip to see some stars and I showed her what I’d been looking at. Jupiter put on a good showing and the Moon was pretty as usual.


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Poochie Cone!

After the last post, I had to post a cute picture of Chip, our rescue puppy.

Susan and I took him out to the park last month and it was quite hot at the time (not the balmy 100 degrees it’s been lately) and while we were getting cones for ourselves, we got a poochie cone for Chip.


He loooooovvvvvved it.

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Lady McArthur’s Fiery Fare

We went to Scarborough Faire last weekend and one new item is definitely worth an extra mention.

There’s a hot sauce shop that’s opened up at the faire and normally I wouldn’t associate a renfest with peppers but in this case I’m glad it was there.

Lady McArthur’s Fiery Fare is a small shop full of jars of various hot sauces from very mild to take-your-head-off hot. Susan and I have been making a dent in the three jars we bought and while each are quite different from each other, they’re all excellent.

I highly recommend them if you like hot sauces of any kind.

The Cathedral in Cartagena de Indias


This is the picture that I mentioned in my previous podcast. Susan took it around sunset and once we got home played around with it in Picture Publisher (yep, she still uses it).

Larger versions and a close-up after the jump.

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Screaming bunnies

I have never before heard a bunny scream, but I did last night.

Susan called me outside and quietly pointed under one of our rose bushes where I saw a little tiny baby bunny.

The thing was so young that it could barely hop and had trouble staying upright while doing so.

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