Jalapeno Cornbread. The Gateway Food to Evil

Who knew?

I’ve always loved JCB (what all the cool people are calling it) but I never suspected it could turn a perfect little dog into the epitome of evil.

It can take those you love and make them do unspeakable things.


Evil incarnate.

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Halloween 2012 Prep

Most years we don’t do much of anything for Halloween.  Between work and whatnot we just don’t have the energy and desire to decorate much.  There have been a few exceptions (such as the year I made a young girl nearly wet herself when I popped up behind her) but the last several years have been pretty quiet.

Thanks to a serious illness on my part (ok, not really ‘thanks’) I’ve more time than usual this year getting ready for Halloween.

Susan bought a pumpkin a few days ago and I started carving on it yesterday.  It’s taking a while because I’ve never really carved on a pumpkin before.  More like hacked out some eyes and a mouth and put a candle inside.  Not this time.

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Honey to Die For

Jane, our lovely host in Kentucky is also a beekeeper!

The morning we arrived, she had slaved in the garage filling many jars of the clover honey her bees had made.

While I’m somewhat allergic to bees (and go to some pains to not find out just how allergic), I did enjoy standing outside near the boxes, watching them fly about.

Yes, that’s a headstone in the background.  The bees live in a small cemetery on her property.

Susan also recorded a small video.

If you’re ever near Lexington and see some Honey to Die For, pick some up.  It’s yummy.

Interesting things I saw today 5/16/10

We went off to Watters Creek again.

Chip and Susan relaxing in what should be the Allen version of Cafe del Mar.

I next captured a picture of duck butt.

Followed by the Tree That Will Soon Fall Over.

Once home we were treated to some pretty thunderheads

and the Moon and Venus (look at the large version)

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Interesting things I saw today 5/1/10

Today Susan and I took Chip out into the world cause it was a gorgeous day.

It was off to the White Rock Lake Festival where Chip got to meet loads of other dogs. His tail is blurred because it was spinning like a little propeller.

The face of a hot but happy little dog.

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Interesting things I saw today 4/24/10

Saturday was a gorgeous day outside. Susan and I spent the day on the patio, studying dances and looking up information on St. Thomas while Chip lounged about in the Sun.

This is what he looked like…

Although this is what he probably felt like…

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Moycullen workshop in Phoenix

Had a good time at the Irish Cultural Center in Phoenix on Wed night. I was in town for work and took a bit of time after the first day to drop in and teach a workshop on the Moycullen set. Susan and I recently learned it from both Mick Mulkerrin and Pat Murphy and it seemed a good one to pass on.


There were three full sets by the end of the night and everyone did really well.

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