Moon and Cloud

There was an awesome (there, I said it) cloud near the Moon last night after sunset.  It looked almost like an expanded contrail or cometary trail leading the Moon.

Unfortunately in the time it took for me to get my camera, the cloud had faded somewhat but was still pretty.

I consoled myself by taking a closer shot of the crescent Moon.


Desert willow sunset

On Wednesday evening Susan called out to me “you should see the clouds to the South.”

I went outside but couldn’t see the clouds to the South because of the houses in the way (she’d been standing upstairs looking out our living room windows) but could see some great thunderheads to the East.

They made a great backdrop for some Willow shots.

Interesting things 6/17/10

Another light picture day. It was a bit gray and rainy to start with.

Eventually we went out and were accosted by critters looking for food

We did a bit of snorkeling, some kite flying and a whole lot of being lazy.

At the end of the evening we were rewarded with a great sunset.

Click on any of the pictures for the full gallery for the sixth day.

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