Interesting things – Nutria Sunrise 7/13/10

Another morning, another chance to get interesting pictures.

First up was a critter seen swimming toward the shore of the pond. After waiting next to the water I was rewarded by a sighting of him swimming back out to sea.

And then of course a beautiful sunrise.

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Interesting things – Happy dog 7/13/10

Now that’s a happy dog. Off-leash in a big open field.

What’s really great about him is that he’s constantly looking back to see where I am, if I say his name he stops and if I tell him to come to me, he does.

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Interesting things – Chip & the sunrise 7/12/10

Yet another ralk with Chip, early in the morning.

I didn’t have my camera with me which guaranteed I’d see something interesting.

A cloud that looked like a duck. By the time we got back home and I grabbed the camera it wasn’t as strongly duck shaped but here it is anyway.

That evening we took just a walk – too bloody hot for anything else.

After completing a circuit around the pond we headed off across the field where I stopped and attempted to take a picture of my favorite puppy.

Little did I know he’d pick that moment do do his business.

“Really? You’re going to take a picture of me now?”

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