This is going to suck

I don’t know if this is the one that started out on fire or if it was next to the one that started the conflagration but when this cars owner gets back in town she’s going to be really pissed off.


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St Louis TSA bored on a holiday weekend?

Were they bored again, or does the TSA just lack consistent rules? Still.

The last time I mentioned the TSA was back here and for the most part my trips recently have been uneventful. I’ve packed a lot of equipment and not had to take my liquids out of my carry-on for some time.

Until today.

My bag gets pulled out of the line for a hand check and I get fussed at for having my liquids, power cords, disk drives, etc in there. Stuff I had in there leaving Dallas, Mesa, St Louis, Orlando a multitude of times over the last several months. Things that didn’t trigger a bag check before.

So, the very friendly TSA nazi rummaged through my bag, completely unpacking it and ran a few disk drives and liquids back through the scanner.

When I mentioned that I haven’t had to take the liquids out in months she simply replied, “yeah, the rules change all the time.”

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I was in the general area so I stopped by the St. Charles Oktober Fest.

As a customer recently put it. “It didn’t suck.”


Unfortunately there wasn’t much German music and less dancing.

I’ll have to get my dancing fix tomorrow night though as the tent was full of “sitters.”

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TSA, some consistency in training please

Leaving from DF/W I had my usual bag of tricks. Clothing bag with all my wearables , toothpaste, deodorant, etc. My work bag with my laptop, cables, etc that I always need on-site with a customer.

Security didn’t bat an eye and I sailed right through the checkpoint into the terminal.

Leaving Phoenix several days later, things were different.

The man watching the x-ray machine saw one of my bags and called out for a baggage check. What’s stupid is they didn’t wonder about the Quadro 5600G that I had in my main luggage this time. No, they wanted a check on my work bag which had no more or less than the plethora of cables and gadgets that I took through DF/W screening. After doing a hand search they ran the bag back through the x-ray which still didn’t show anything dangerous.

Slow Sunday? Or a lack of consistent training?

Either way, it’s annoying.

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The TSA sucks A$$


A little over a week ago I flew from DFW to Phoenix and on the way through the security line at DFW the dude at the flashlight kiosk (you know, the guy who shines the UV light at your license expecting to find nothing in particular) made a point of telling people that they didn’t need to take their liquids out of their carry-on bags to run through the scanner.

Silly me, I’d already done that and had my baggie of contraband already in my laptop bag where it’s easy to throw into the grey bin.

No big deal, at least I could leave it there.

I made a point of not assuming the Phoenix security would behave the same and had the baggie out when going back to DFW and as expected they didn’t mention being able to leave it in my carry-on bag.

On the other hand, I had to head out to Orlando this morning and since I was leaving out of the same damn terminal as when I was going to Phoenix I thought I’d be able to leave my baggie in my carry-on.


There was a TSA guy wandering up and down the line reminding all the Mickey-heads that they had to take their liquids out and put them in the bin.

Make up your damn minds!

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Why I don’t pay attention to reviews

There are several movies that people around the office are looking forward to this summer.

One of them is Iron Man.

Yeah, not so much. It could be good. It’s also just as likely that the best parts of the movie are in the trailer.

Time will tell and I’ll wait to hear from people I know personally.

Here we have one reviewer that all but says the movie sucks.

And here we have another one that just gushes gooey goodness about it.

Yeah, I’ll wait.

Developer Saver ™

If you’re a holographer and you’re like me, you use your developer for as long as you can before throwing it out.

Some people will preserve their developer by floating another tray on top of it but that’s never appealed to me because it’s messy and I would need a place for the "lid" to sit and drip while I’m actively using the developer.

For some time I’ve been using various forms of tupperware which has worked pretty well and I just recently decided to give a combination of Biokips and Wine Savers a shot.

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