Beyoncé’s cousin

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, head over here.  Be careful, it’s a strange place over there.

While at the coffee shop yesterday I realized that we’d been sitting next to Beyoncé for several hours.

Knock, knock

After comparing the two a bit more I realized it wasn’t really Beyoncé but just a close cousin and not nearly as disruptive as the real Beyoncé.

Interesting things 7/4/10

There was a strange rocket launch last night. It happened quite late and I’m sure it was aliens headed back home.

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Things I saw while on vacation. Part II

This is a continuation of this post.

We got some more snow! It didn’t stay long due to some rain overnight but it was nice while it was around.


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Things I saw while on vacation. Part I

There will undoubtedly be a part II since I’ve got another week off.

Here’s the first week of interesting sighting as 2009 comes to a close.

The first evening produced a wonderful sunset and crescent Moon


More after the break.

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Fujitsu T4215 mini review

Image courtesy Fujitsu

To cut to the end, this laptop is an excellent piece of work. It doesn’t have all the flash that some other laptops have. It’s not as good looking as the HP TX1120 but where it lacks in flash it more than makes up for with solid behavior as a tablet PC.

I won’t reproduce the specs because you can find those with a simple Google search. Instead, I’ll list the things I like about the laptop and a few of the things that I don’t, in no particular order.

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DPSS laser idiot

Kids, don’t do this at home or anywhere else.

Ok, so the story goes that this future Darwin award winner was playing around with a 15mW green laser pointer one night and wondered what would happen if he scanned the laser past his eye.

At this point a meteor should have fallen on him but it didn’t, so he got to start his experiment.

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The joys and dangers of a high-power laser pointer

Dan over at Dan’s Data has put up a really nice article on the fun and dangers you can experience with a high power green laser pointer.

Bright lasers just cry out to be shone on things to see what happens.

Yes, farmers and plain old cruel people, they work as bird scarers. Freak out a couple of birds with a green laser dot, and their panic will set the whole flock off.

(I don’t know what happens if you try this with flightless domesticated fowls. Don’t expect me to send flowers if you take on even one emu.)

And you can, of course, use green lasers to induce your pets to do strange things – though given the eye-damage risk that I’ll get to in a moment, sticking with 5mW or lower pointers for this purpose is a good idea. Some cats and dogs are afraid of very bright laser dots, anyway.

Check it out.

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