St Louis TSA bored on a holiday weekend?

Were they bored again, or does the TSA just lack consistent rules? Still.

The last time I mentioned the TSA was back here and for the most part my trips recently have been uneventful. I’ve packed a lot of equipment and not had to take my liquids out of my carry-on for some time.

Until today.

My bag gets pulled out of the line for a hand check and I get fussed at for having my liquids, power cords, disk drives, etc in there. Stuff I had in there leaving Dallas, Mesa, St Louis, Orlando a multitude of times over the last several months. Things that didn’t trigger a bag check before.

So, the very friendly TSA nazi rummaged through my bag, completely unpacking it and ran a few disk drives and liquids back through the scanner.

When I mentioned that I haven’t had to take the liquids out in months she simply replied, “yeah, the rules change all the time.”

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Screwing with the traveler

Getting to the airport wasn’t bad. We were fairly close and made it in just about half an hour. I had printed my boarding pass ahead of time and breezed into the security line where it all went slightly pear shaped.

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