Gimp Gnowledge

I’ve been having all sorts of fun (and frustration) learning how to do more complicated image editing and thought I’d share my latest.

On the wonderful snow days of Dec 25 & 26, 2012 (oh how they will be fondly remembered) I took the following photo.

Pleasing to the eye it is.

Based on learning to use masks in Gimp which I’ve been using to enhance my bracketed sky shots and a few single frames I decided to apply the glernin to an “older” picture.

Thence, the following:

Hey, wait a minute.  Looking at the latter picture by itself I liked the changes.  Even toggling the mask layer on and off I really felt the new version was much better.

Seeing them side by side like this I’m not so sure.  The rose pops out more in the first version and remains as the focus of the picture.  In the latter more can be seen but that takes focus away from the rose.

What do you think?

Interesting Things: Snowflake lovely

Beautiful snowflake stuck to the window last Winter. If only we would get such weather this year.

And another.

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More Snow!

I love snow.

We got nearly 8″ on Saturday night and by Monday morning it was all gone.

Unfortunately it was too windy to go outside and make anything but Susan did scoop some up and make snow ice cream, which I’d never had before. Click the picture for more.

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Frozen legged Chip

I haven’t posted a picture of Chip in a while so here’s a recent one with snow covering his legs.

Susan had to put him into a warm bath after that walk.

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Constructing and deconstructing Orthanc

So a few days ago I took some time out from working to act like a kid and play in the snow. The result was an ok sculpture of Orthanc that was apparently good enough that several people managed to guess what it was without any prompting. Oh, and I made a crappy snowman that I’m not going to show you a picture of.

Orthanc began as a mesh form packed with snow.


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Snow Tower of Orthanc

What did you do today?

I took a break and built a snow tower of Orthanc.


Ok, so I put the stairs on the side instead of the corner. Sue me.

Here’s an aerial shot.


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