The difference a little shadow makes

If you start with one picture, taken yesterday.

Ahh, pour the warmth on

A nice afternoon in Texas during early spring after a late freeze.  There’s a chill in the air but the sky is a clear blue and it’s a great day to be outdoors.

Deepen the shadows, it becomes.

AHHHH!! It burns! Turn it off! Turn it off!

SPOD – Cloud Shadows

Sky Picture Of the Day for February 18, 2013

Look closely and you’ll see a shadow of clouds from the setting Sun which appears as a long pillar darker than the rest of the sky.  The camera was pointing at the East horizon.

Snow Rose Play

Continuing from the Gimp Gnowledge post, a friend suggested I mask off the rose and darken the wood.  I went one step further and desaturated the picture but can’t decide if I like the fully desaturated version:

or if I prefer the lightly desaturated one.

Of course now I should mask off the sky and modify it so that it doesn’t turn white when desaturated.  Or I could deepen the blue and just desaturate the wood so it looks old.  Or… #neverending.

Gimp Gnowledge

I’ve been having all sorts of fun (and frustration) learning how to do more complicated image editing and thought I’d share my latest.

On the wonderful snow days of Dec 25 & 26, 2012 (oh how they will be fondly remembered) I took the following photo.

Pleasing to the eye it is.

Based on learning to use masks in Gimp which I’ve been using to enhance my bracketed sky shots and a few single frames I decided to apply the glernin to an “older” picture.

Thence, the following:

Hey, wait a minute.  Looking at the latter picture by itself I liked the changes.  Even toggling the mask layer on and off I really felt the new version was much better.

Seeing them side by side like this I’m not so sure.  The rose pops out more in the first version and remains as the focus of the picture.  In the latter more can be seen but that takes focus away from the rose.

What do you think?

SPOD: Swooshy

Sky Picture Of the Day for Jan 19, 2013.

The goal of this series is to take a picture each day where the sky is the primary feature and depending on how busy I get, the posting of it might be a bit late.  Here’s the shot from yesterday.

SPOD: 011013 Glorious clouds

Sky Picture Of the Day. Two days of rain followed by glorious morning clouds moving across the sky at an incredible pace.  Got one there that looks like an armadillo with a bushy tail.  Or maybe a brain.