Stephen King, stay out of space

I have no idea where the following dream came from.

I dreamed that Stephen King had purchased an island.

Seems plausible so far.

He then proceeded to outfit it with a full spaceport and planned to launch his own shuttle into space.

Wth, brain?

At the end of the dream thousands of people were on hand to watch the takeoff.

It was a beautiful, clear night.  The engines lit.  The shuttle began to rise on a column of fire while the crowd cheered.

And then the shuttle  veered toward the ground and exploded in a spectacular ball of fire.

Steven King, stay the hell out of space.

Night of the ISS…

Wednesday night was a good start to a long holiday. I started the evening trying to get shots of the ISS and shuttle passing overhead, with limited sucess and then spent some time working through the process of getting my mount aligned, man, that takes too long, and followed up with attempts at shooting M42 and the ET cluster. Not the greatest shots as my mount still was drifting and there was some wind but I hope to master this over the holiday.


ISS and the shuttle over Plano


M42, the Orion nebula


The Owl (or ET) cluster. Looks a bit like a little stick man or ET if you squint. Or maybe a Jawa with no robe on.

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Spaceships ho!

This was a nice surprise. I was planning on going to tonight to watch the shuttle and ISS go over after having undocked earlier today but wasn’t expecting to see two bright dots flying across the sky.

I managed to take a single 4s shot resulting in two dashes in the sky. The little wiggle at the bottom is from me hitting the shutter button.


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