One big post of Sets

Rather than a short post for each set, here’s one big post of sets that we got pictures of.

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Sets at the Comhaltas Fri night

Sliabh Luachra Set 9:12

Kilfenora Set 9:25

Cashel Set 9:58

Waltz 10:05

Paris Set 10:25

High Cauled Cap (the body every time through isn’t so bad if you save the high stepping for the end) 10:50

Plain Set 11:30

Ballingeary Jig Set 11:55

Claddagh Set 12:17

Caledonian Set 12:35

Connemara Set 12:55

Rake of Reels 1:15

With the ceili ending at 1:20. The music was performed by the Green Gates Ceili band and friends and was absolutely fantastic. I hope we can bring a CD or two back to share with Club Rince Ghaelaigh.

Friday set workshop

It was great fun, we learned a fast and frantic Ballingeary Jig Set followed by an easier set whose name I forget at the moment.


As always Padraig and Roisin were great instructors although they’re human too and messed up one set.  Naturally I have that on video and the rest of the Club Rince Ghaelaigh will see it as Susan and I pass on the sets we’re learning.

Fun time.

Manhattan Tour

Today was the day to do something un-dance like. Susan, Jean and I went on a bus tour of New York. It was an interesting and lazy way to spend the day.

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*sigh* Day 1

The first day is done. Our legs are tired, I have Oban warming my insides and a beer (Blue Moon) in my hand.

The end of a good day.

Baile Bhuirne Jig Set

Susan and I didn’t know this one so we sat it out and watched.


Jean got pulled in though and said that it was pretty easy since the others knew what they were doing.

Swinging through the Claddagh Set


First set we didn’t dance but it was fun to watch the people spinning about.

Cashel set


Rough and tumble set but nobody died.

Sets at the Comhaltas on Thu night

The following was the program for the night. The times later on are when the sets started.

North Kerry Set

Plain Set

Cashel Set

Claddagh Set

Baile Bhuirne Jig Set Set 9:20

Waltz 9:40

High Cauled Cap 10:20

Caledonian Set 10:40

Derrada Set 10:55

South Galway (workshop) Set 11:10

Connemara Set 11:15

Rake of Reels 11:35

The last was a collection of reels and each set chose what figures to dance with no breaks at all "between" figures.

Comhaltas Registration


things are getting started