Dance picture updates

For a number of reasons, we’ve been tardy in putting up pictures from recent dancing events.  Well, here they are:

Trinity Hall Feb 19

NTIF 2012

Trinity Hall Mar 18

The next dance is on April 7th at the Sammons Center.  Come on out and join the fun!

Final SCMA ceili of 2007/2008

The 2007/2008 season is now over and the final ceili was a bunch o fun.

We had slightly more than three sets worth and ran through the South Galway Half Set,

as well as a back to back hornpipe we learned from Pat Murphy, most of the Cashel Set, Three Tunes and closed with the Siege of Ennis.

Click on the picture for some more.

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Comhaltas 2008 wrap-up

Oh my god.

This was a fun weekend. If you can ever come up with any excuse at all that will get you out to the annual Comhaltas convention(or Cape May weekend) go with it. If you like set dancing you won’t regret going to one of these events.

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SCMA ceili Apr 12, 2008

The ceili at the Move Studio was fun with a bunch of new people showing up from Gainesville and even Austin.

We danced most of the Ballingeary Jig Set as well as Flowers of Edinburgh and a few two-hand dances and the High Cauled Cap.

Click on the image to see the rest of the pictures.

Comhaltas 2008 pre-wrap-up

It’s a pre-wrap-up post because I didn’t get the chance to post information on the Saturday Banquet and ceili or the Sunday workshop and ceili or the final 9 beers, multiple mixed drinks and two pizzas party that Susan, Jean and I had in the bar on Sunday night so I’ve decided to include those in a final wrap-up tied with a bow post later this week.

Work’s kinda busy so hopefully it’ll only take me a few days to finish it and get all the good pictures and video posted.

Whistle workshop with Joanie Madden

This turned out to be a "beginner workshop" that I should have shown up on time for. Beginner is in quotes because while she wasn’t teaching raw basics, she was running the group through a basic tune that I might have been able to do if I’d been able to brush up on the fingerings before the weekend.

It was worthwhile anyway to see how she teaches and to listen to the cantankerous lady play.


"the next part goes… shh, SHHH"

Ask me about "There’s no F in bus"

I wonder how many people she’s told about the idiot she ran into Thursday night who asked her if she was here for the music or dance. I didn’t know what she looked like!

Ceili workshop with Maura Mulligan

She started out with the Fairy Reel with a couple dozen people and had Susan, Jean and I stand in as half a demo set.

There were a few fits and starts as new people got used to the dance. We danced it several times with some restarts due to short music but overall a good session.

I bailed partway through (near the beginning of the Duke Reel) so I could "audit" the whistle workshop with Joanie Madden.