Anyone got a light?

Can someone help me get this relit?

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Chip is drunk?

No not really, but he looks it.

He’s just squished between Susan and the chair. Happy though.

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Chip meets his first baby

Rebecca brought her little cutie, Allison, over during a CRG meeting and Chip was really interested.

Wow, a human smaller than me!

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Lazy Sunday

For Chip anyway.

While I was working on the computer, outside on the patio, chip was pining for Susan

and trying to hide in the grass.

A few more hours and we’ll have to put him in his crate while we go play at Lochrann’s. Wish we could take him along.

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Poor little nekkid Chip

Chip’s fur was getting matted in places that hadn’t been groomed in a while so Susan took him to the groomers on Friday.

The poor guy came out naked.

He should be cooler though and the short fur makes him feel like velvet.

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Chip + cheese = love

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Memorial day

This is how Chip and I spent part of Memorial day.

Sleepy Chip

I won’t be posting pictures of the little guy all the time but this one is really cute.

He went with us to the pet store and Starbucks followed by his first trip (with us) to the dog park.

Now he’s sacked out on the patio.

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