Testing out the little red wagon

Jalapeno Cornbread. The Gateway Food to Evil

Who knew?

I’ve always loved JCB (what all the cool people are calling it) but I never suspected it could turn a perfect little dog into the epitome of evil.

It can take those you love and make them do unspeakable things.


Evil incarnate.

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Sunset Chip

Happy puppy

Eat, play, sleep.  First successful HDR of Chip.  This time he didn’t move much and so doesn’t have three nostrils.

Best acolyte ever


Keeping his goddess warm.


You have my undivided attention

No chicken?

Scruffy Sun Dog

I’m just waiting for that walk…

Please Come in

It’s time for dinner and a tummy rubbing.

Will Work for Food

I will, really.

Happy Puppy


Long day spent with the goddess. Deep sleep resting on her leg. Happy puppy. Warm puppy. Grr. Grr. Grr.