Lady McArthur’s Fiery Fare

We went to Scarborough Faire last weekend and one new item is definitely worth an extra mention.

There’s a hot sauce shop that’s opened up at the faire and normally I wouldn’t associate a renfest with peppers but in this case I’m glad it was there.

Lady McArthur’s Fiery Fare is a small shop full of jars of various hot sauces from very mild to take-your-head-off hot. Susan and I have been making a dent in the three jars we bought and while each are quite different from each other, they’re all excellent.

I highly recommend them if you like hot sauces of any kind.

Scarborough Faire

It was a perfect day for Scarborough Faire on Saturday with temperatures hovering between 55 and 70 degrees and Susan and I got there just after opening at 10am and stayed until past closing. Emmy, April and Andi met us about 2pm and Andres and Luz Amalia arrived about 3pm.

We caught Zilch the Tory Steller,

Elephant riding and feeding by the girls.

A fire-eating juggler whose name I didn’t get. He does a very entertaining show.

With final pictures in the rose garden.

Several of us followed up by a late dinner at Maggiano’s.