Interesting things – Will there ever be rain?

Here’s another picture Katie! August 21st is the next Trinity Hall ceili and Sep 3rd is the next ceili at the Sammons Center.

I would give anything to have clouds like these, especially if they meant we were getting rain!

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Interesting things 6/19/10

Another morning of rain. It was was gray but the rain sounded nice.

We took a walk along the beach. What’s that?

Saw a few Iguanas.

and discovered that the camera flash actually works pretty well under water.

We took several ig pictures and a whole load under water.

Click on any of the pictures for the full gallery for the last day.

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What a wind can do

Nature woke us this morning at 3:50am as high winds hit our house and storm sirens sounded. When the rain came, the view northward looked like a hurricane, nearly impossible to see across the street. We never lost electricity, and it seemed like a strong but thrilling storm, not a big deal, until morning.

Oh goody. 13 posts down, and the steel ones seemingly bent.

It was much too exciting for anything but a walk through the neighborhood and to the path Sophie and I like to walk.