Catherine’s Landing Kayak Ride

Back in July of 2018 we went kayaking along the Ouachita river outside Hot Springs AR just off the ramp from the Catherine’s Landing campground.

Come enjoy the river with us!

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SPOD: 011013 Glorious clouds

Sky Picture Of the Day. Two days of rain followed by glorious morning clouds moving across the sky at an incredible pace.  Got one there that looks like an armadillo with a bushy tail.  Or maybe a brain.

Interesting things – Will there ever be rain?

Here’s another picture Katie! August 21st is the next Trinity Hall ceili and Sep 3rd is the next ceili at the Sammons Center.

I would give anything to have clouds like these, especially if they meant we were getting rain!

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Interesting things 6/19/10

Another morning of rain. It was was gray but the rain sounded nice.

We took a walk along the beach. What’s that?

Saw a few Iguanas.

and discovered that the camera flash actually works pretty well under water.

We took several ig pictures and a whole load under water.

Click on any of the pictures for the full gallery for the last day.

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Rain shattering

We got some freezing rain last night but the ground was warm enough that it didn’t cause any problems. Filled up the rain guage and shattered it though. Upside is we got some pretty patterns.


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What a wind can do

Nature woke us this morning at 3:50am as high winds hit our house and storm sirens sounded. When the rain came, the view northward looked like a hurricane, nearly impossible to see across the street. We never lost electricity, and it seemed like a strong but thrilling storm, not a big deal, until morning.

Oh goody. 13 posts down, and the steel ones seemingly bent.

It was much too exciting for anything but a walk through the neighborhood and to the path Sophie and I like to walk.