Camera Thief – Mockingbird Station Trinity Hall

A Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with 18-55mm STM lens (glass screen protector, belt adapter, 32Gb SD card) was stolen from Trinity Hall in Dallas on the night of June 11, 2014
Do you know this guy? The man is wearing light colored shoes and either has a belt or kerchief hanging from his hip (see left leg as he walks). He is also wearing a thick necklace of some kind.
He enters the building at 21:10:51
Walks past our dance class at 21:11:00
Makes a short circuit and sees a nice camera at 21:11:16
Hangs out at the waiter’s station for a moment to see if anyone’s watching.
Moves something on the table at 21:11:31 and looks to see if anyone has noticed.
Makes a grab for the camera at 21:11:50 and leaves the pub with it
Note that the colors are all wrong. The benches are medium brown.

There is a reward for the return of the camera.

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Ahh, a September Ceili

It’s finally cooling off, the clouds saw fit to mizzle on us most of the day and the temperature was finally in the range where it was pleasant to go for a walk in the middle of the day.

Naturally we all piled into the pub Trinity Hall to jump around and get hot to good music played by the Trinity Hall Session Players

The dances done were:

Haymakers jig,
Siege of Ennis
Kilfenora Set
High Cauled Cap
Ballyvourney jig
Rakes of Mallow

Hopefully next month I’ll be able to spend more time dancing and calling than this time.  Thanks to everyone how came out to dance and to Trinity Hall and the session players for the venue and wonderful music!

Click on the picture for the full gallery.

Interesting Things: Feb SCMA ceili – lovely night

Last night’s SCMA ceili at the Sammons Center was great fun. Had another good crowd and made it through the Antrim Square, Cavan Reel Set, Bonfire Dance, Siege of Carrick, Fairy Reel, Balleyvourney Jig Set, Haymakers Jig and the Back to Back Hornpipe

Next month the ceili will be at the North Texas Irish Festival so come on out at 7pm for the ceili and 1pm for the dance workshop

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Interesting Things: Feb SCMA ceili

The next SCMA ceili is coming up this Saturday at the Sammons Center.

Tell your friends, your friends friends, your siblings and office cohorts about the ceili. Drag those people out who you know would enjoy a night of jumping, sliding, bouncing fun with good music but insist on saying ‘I don’t know how.’ We’ll show you and there are plenty of people who can help pull and push you through the dances.

The theme for this ceili is ‘Less teaching, more dancing.’ We’re going to try just running through the more difficult aspects of a dance and depend on people to watch closely when it isn’t their turn and on the experienced group at large to help the new people if they run into trouble. If there are enough ‘ringers’ at the ceili that should result in more dancing throughout the night.

For the lesson period this month we’ll finish up the Cavan Reel and continue with the Antrim Square.

For the main ceili time we’re thinking of doing (in no particular order):

Antrim Square
Cavan Reel Set
Bonfire Dance
Siege of Carrick
Balleyvourney Jig Set
Haymakers Jig
Walls of Limerick
Back to Back Hornpipe
Aoife Three Step
Bridge of Athlone

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Interesting Things: First Trinity Hall ceili for 2012

Had a good crew out for dancing at the first Trinity Hall ceili of 2012.

Great music by the THSP as well. Thanks everyone for coming out!

Click on the picture to see more of the dancing and check the calendar for the next ceili!

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