You go, girl!

This is someone I’d want on my side it I had to hunt someone else down.

The only other time Lodrick, a 41-year-old creative consultant, had seen that particular coat was on a security camera photo that her bank, Wells Fargo, showed her of the woman who had stolen her identity. The photo was taken as the thief was looting Lodrick’s checking account.

Now, here was the coat again. This woman [Nelson]– a big woman, about 5 feet 10, maybe 150 pounds — had to be the person who had put her through six months of hell and cost her $30,000 in lost business as she tried to untangle the never-ending mess with banks and credit agencies.

When Nelson got up to leave, Lodrick, who is 5 feet 2 and 110 pounds but comes from what she calls "a fighting family," made an instant decision. First she called 911. Then she followed Nelson down Market Street.

The foot chase was on.

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Green transmission test 2

Ok, so you’re wondering where’s the post for Green transmission test 1?

There isn’t one.

I did do a test with my new laser a few days ago (ok, last Friday) but it was hastily prepared in Susan’s office on the home-made breadboard with the laser set up on her desk and the breadboard about 8′ away on the floor. The shutter was and old-school piece of black cardboard.

The image was really dim and the polarization was such that there are lines caused by light bouncing between the glass plates holding the film but there is an image and it’s pretty deep.

So anyway, on to GTT2…

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Laser alignment heck

Ok, so for the last several weeks I’ve had a functionally dead Spectra Physics 907 laser.

I managed to tweak it past the point of lasing and had to start the arduous process of learning to align this kind of laser from square one. I then spent the better part of two weeks trying to align the laser myself but could never get the beam quality back the way it was before I screwed it up.

What follows is what I’ve done so far to get my laser fully alive again. It’s still not working but hopefully soon it will be.

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Photographing reflection Holograms

Getting a good photograph of a hologram isn’t always an easy proposition but if you use the right tools and are patient you can get excellent results just about every time.

This tutorial assumes you have full control of the hologram and can take it off the wall at will. If you’re trying to take a picture of a hologram that’s permanently mounted to a wall or one where the owner won’t allow you to move it, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

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