Poochie Cone!

After the last post, I had to post a cute picture of Chip, our rescue puppy.

Susan and I took him out to the park last month and it was quite hot at the time (not the balmy 100 degrees it’s been lately) and while we were getting cones for ourselves, we got a poochie cone for Chip.


He loooooovvvvvved it.

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Chip goes to the dog park

Chip hasn’t been to the dog park in a long time so we decided to head out there since we haven’t taken the boy on a real walk in several days.

He started getting excited when he saw us getting our shoes out because that always means we’re going somewhere. The tone of our voices and way we were talking to him meant he was going with us so at the very least he knew we were going for a walk.

When we started heading for the garage he knew we were going somewhere even more interesting than normal and once we started driving he began absolutely quivering with excitement.

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Sleepy Chip

I won’t be posting pictures of the little guy all the time but this one is really cute.

He went with us to the pet store and Starbucks followed by his first trip (with us) to the dog park.

Now he’s sacked out on the patio.

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Ft Lauderdale laser park

It won’t be long before tourists to Ft Lauderdale will be dazzled by laser light as they walk through Huizenga Park

By years end they should have a new installation in place that will

soon turn one downtown Fort Lauderdale park into an interactive art display, with lasers bathing trees in sequences of color and transforming grass into a sea of almost translucent reeds of light.

The laser-light project is expected to be installed in Huizenga Park by the end of the year and will include motion sensors that will set off light displays on 34 trees along the perimeter as well as across the lawn between the park’s fountain and its performance stage.

The artist, Seattle based Dan Corson had originally envisioned lighting up the nearby New River but discovered that the river is so murky that even lights similar to those used in the movie Titanic barely worked.

Residents and businesses near the fountain pictured above originally weren’t thrilled with the music that went with the fountain but are pleased with the light show and are looking to additional lighting from the laser project.

The trees in the park will be cast in white light until people walk by or activate one of five motion sensors in the sidewalks. The tree lights will change either as the person moves by or as part of a 3-to-5-minute programmed sequence. With the lawn, green lasers will be activated by people sitting on or walking by a bench near the fountain and will run through a variety of programmed sequences.

"It will be a real unique experience," Downtown Development Authority board member Jack Loos said. "All great downtowns involve art and involve interesting and unique things. To the extent we can, we should bring more art that can draw people and make it a more attractive place to be."

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