Using OneNote to make holograms

OneNote has been written about ad-infinitum as a tool for note taking in meetings and classes, as a general information repository and as a collaboration tool but I’d like to introduce you to another use that I’m putting OneNote to.

Making holograms.

Or more specifically, documenting both the process I go through when creating a hologram and the results from that process in the form of notes and pictures.

As most of you will probably know, OneNote is a great repository for all sorts of information. It has allowed me to combine a number of sources into one place so that when needed, I can easily refer back to previous results when I’m making a new hologram.

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Recording Conversations With OneNote

OneNote is a great tool for note taking and information management. It also is a good tool for recording meetings and conversations. If you haven’t heard about ON’s ability to search audio recordings head over here to read more.

ON does a good job of indexing audio which can then be searched much as you’d search a text file.  This is especially convenient in cases when you know someone said something in a meeting but you don’t know exactly when.  By indexing your audio you don’t have to listen to the entire meeting again as long as the audio is of good quality.

What none of the marketing info covers are the laws that affect your ability to record those conversations and what you can do with those recordings after you’ve made them.

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OneNote tag summary page useful?

Does anyone find this feature useful?

I’ve tried using it and all I end up with is an unconnected list of tagged sentences. All context is removed with no links back to the source material.

Consider the following from my own notebook:


those two items are from very different sections but even if you were familiar with the subject matter you’d find it difficult to find the source material.

ON can create hyperlinks to any page so why doesn’t it do this automatically on summary pages?

Am I missing something?