R2D2 Knitted Hat

So, many months ago (OK, more than a year ago) Susan cornered me in the hospital and made me pick up knitting. She claims that she didn’t have anything to do with my ending up in the hospital but she’s a woman and I know she has the ability to put me in the hospital using just her mind.


I haven’t yet found that knitting is as relaxing as Susan finds it but I have managed to make a cup cozy, a few balls, a regular hat and..

an R2D2 knitted hat based on the pattern by Carissa Browning

Susan helped a great deal in making me tink when needed and getting through my “test hat” before moving on using the real yarn.  It took several months for me to complete and I’m still working on the final wiring but the hat is largely complete!

I give you the R2D2 knitted hat!

The sound effects are part of the hat. I’m activating them by pressing a button with my left hand.

Wandering around St. Charles

OK, that’s what I’ll do this evening. I’ll wander St. Charles, stop in Picasso’s Coffee House, have a latte (who needs sleep?) and maybe hang out long enough to listen to some live music.

I didn’t intend to end up in St. Charles but 70 led me this way out of St, Louis and I didn’t feel like turning off 270 back to the hotel so I kept driving.

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Laser powered bridge

OK, not really laser powered but lasers are being used in Wiltshire UK to alert drivers when their loads are tall enough to cause a bridge strike.

Heavy goods vehicles frequently strike the bridge after misjudging the height and width – but this could become a thing of the past thanks to some laser-guided technology.

There are now two new interactive height warning signs on the bridge that use lasers to judge whether a vehicle is too tall or wide.

The new signs, funded by Network Rail, warn drivers approaching the bridge from both sides if they are about to strike the masonry.