Emerald School NTIF 2008 DVD

A fund-raising DVD is available to students and families of the Emerald School to help out with the upcoming Bluebonnet Feis in April.

If you’re a student of or a member of a family that has a student in the Emerald School check out the information page to see additional screenshots of the DVD and ordering information. If there’s enough interest, DVDs of previous NTIF performances may be made available.

NTIF 2007

The North Texas Irish Festival 2007 was a blast. Preparing for and performing during the St. Patrick’s season has kept me busy so I haven’t been blogging much but things are slowing down so look for the updates to increase.

For Susan and I NTIF started out with a workshop held by Claire Zucker on clogging. It was very Sean Nos-like and quite a fun workshop.

From there we performed with the Emerald School (lots of video taken there), ran a dance workshop where we taught several figures from the Kilfenora Plain Set and followed up by calling the three-hour ceili to close out the festival day.

On Sunday we performed again with the Emerald School and then followed up by wandering around listening to music and shopping.

One new group (to us anyway) that we look forward to hearing more from is Sliabh Notes.  They definitely play music that makes our feet want to start moving around.

More pictures and video are available in our gallery.

What be happenin?

Alright, I’ve been yelled at by a few people for not updating my blog but it’s St. Patrick’s season (bet you didn’t know it’s a season and not just a day) so Susan I have been overly busy with dancing and I haven’t been a good blog citizen.
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