SPOD – Jellyfish Clouds

Sky Picture Of the Day for April 20, 2013

Very nice clouds in the morning.  Winds on the ground headed West and winds aloft headed East with the clouds leaving streamers behind.

SPOD – Gold

Sky Picture Of the Day for March 18, 2013

Turns out I won’t be doing these every day.  It’s taking up more time than I’d expected and I still have a massive backlog of other things to take care of in the evening.  I’ll be doing these as nature cooperates and time permits.

Interesting things I saw today 4/17/10

It was a nice full day on Saturday.

It started out slowly, as most do, with Chip lounging and munching on a bone.

Eventually we went over to the Watters Creek shopping center to wander around with the boy and see about getting a coffee and place to people-watch.

There was a pretty duck. Loads of people, a few dogs and so on.

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Things I saw while on vacation. Part II

This is a continuation of this post.

We got some more snow! It didn’t stay long due to some rain overnight but it was nice while it was around.


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Things I saw while on vacation. Part I

There will undoubtedly be a part II since I’ve got another week off.

Here’s the first week of interesting sighting as 2009 comes to a close.

The first evening produced a wonderful sunset and crescent Moon


More after the break.

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December lab update

It’s been a busy year in a number of way which is why I haven’t been posting too many lab updates and tutorials.

I’ve got a number of tutorials in the pipeline and pictures that need taking but the next two weeks promise to be just as full so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get to while I’ve got the time off my "day job." We’ll see though.

Click through for some pictures and descriptions of what I’ve been up to.

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