Star Party fail (and prevention)

One of the members of TAS brought the following to the attention of the online forum members and I thought it was worth sharing for both a laugh and to point out things that do help to make a successful star party.

On the NASA web site they’ve got a full planning checklist for a star party aimed as planning an event around the passing overhead of the ISS. I’ve copied it after the jump just in case NASA decides to change the original page.

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Shuttle sunset

This is a gorgeous shot of the shuttle taken from the ISS as the shuttle approached for docking

Head over to the NASA site for larger versions.

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Columbia and the space program

Seven years ago the shuttle Columbia broke up over Texas.

Why did the administration pick this day to gut the Moon program?

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Really cool movie of Jupiter

This is from NASA via Tom’s Astronomy Blog

Look carefully and you’ll see moons and moon shadows zip by along the meridian with the Great Red Spot roiling just below center. Follow the link for more info.

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USA declares war on Venus!

On June 5th the Messenger spacecraft used Venus to get a boost on it’s way to Mercury and took the opportunity to take out some Venusians on the way.

Picture this: A spaceship swoops in from the void, plunging toward a cloudy planet about the size of Earth. A laser beam lances out from the ship; it probes the planet’s clouds, striving to reach the hidden surface below. Meanwhile, back on the craft’s home world, scientists perch on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens.

Probes the clouds. Right.