The mushrooms of Biltmore

We went back out to the Biltmore estate on Thursday and tried out some of the trails near the winery. We still haven’t found a decent trail map but there are wide and narrow trails that wind through the trees.

We saw a good number of mushrooms, some new to us and a pretty black rat snake.

Pretty red Russula. Had a nice mild taste though I didn’t eat the whole thing

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Hitler Wants A Mushroom ID

Because we’re aren’t “wandering” quite as much, all sorts of things are going to show up here

Something made me (Michael) wonder if anyone had done one of these already and I was surprised nobody had. So, here we go.

For those that aren’t familiar with this meme, here’s an explainer

And the video…

Parody created using clips from Downfall (Der Untergang)

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Fancy Gap Cabins And Campground

You’re looking for a place near the Blue Ridge Parkway, not too far from Things To Do and not too close either. Take a drive into Virginia and give Fancy Gap Cabins and Campground a shot, which is literally right on the parkway.

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Letter Home 13

This letter is chock full of mushroomy goodness though we aren’t going to list all the species we found. Perhaps in another video.

As usual there are timecode links to specific parts of the video and web links to places we visited.

The the end for the actual video

Elkins WV
Revelle’s Campground
Fruity Barrel Cactus 0:31…
Seneca rocks 1:33…
Sites Homestead 2:01…
Mylius Trail 2:09…

Charlottesville VA
Mushrooms around the Charlottesville KOA 2:49…
First mushroom spore print 3:07
Riverview Park 3:57…
Kemper Park 4:05…
Sunspots Studios in Staunton 4:17
Trinity Episcopal Church 4:37
Monticello! 4:53…
Skyline Drive 6:08…

Fancy Gap VA
Fancy Gap Cabins 6:28 https://fancygapcabinsandcampground.c…
Blue Ridge Music Center (mushrooms) 6:51
Hot Lips! 7:01
Cumberland Knob hiking 9:00…

Asheville NC
Mushrooms! 10:00
Rutledge Park train 10:15
Treehouse & bears! 10:38

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Good things…

Are going to happen here.

We arrived at our spot in Charlottesville and quickly found this beauty sitting at the corner of our “yard.”
Amanita rhopalopus. Apparently smells of ammonia and rotting meat. We haven’t sniffed it yet. Probably won’t try a spit test either
Yes, we built a little fence around it. Our pet mushroom.


The mushrooms of Sumter Oaks – Mr Bracket

We’ll have a review of the Escapees Sumter Oaks RV Park in Bushnell Florida later but for the moment I want to introduce you some mushrooms that we enjoyed watching during our stay in June 2019.

First up is Mr. Bracket.  A bracket fungus though the specific type of mushroom is currently under debate on the Florida mushroom forum.

I’ll update this post once we have a firm ID.

We first came across him in our wanderings in the camp after some good rains started waking up all the fungi.

He was a stout fellow, not very large and was destined not to grow much more because the rains were soon to stop.

When the rains stopped he quickly dried out on the surface.

And aged more and more as the days progressed though he stayed somewhat flexible but did firm up as the days went by.

By this point we had some requests for more data on the mushroom so measurements were in order.

The specimen I cut off was an outlier.  I was careful not to bruise it but the bottom turned out to be brown rather than the pale tan shown above.

Looks to me like there are about 2-3 pores per mm.

And the pore depth about 5mm

As we leave the area, Mr. Bracket is still hanging on but he’s got some friends to keep him company which have shown up on the same tree.

More of his pictures over here.

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