Why I buy so few music tracks and movies

The short version is that the media companies aren’t serving my needs in the simplest fashion. I won’t buy DRM’d product. I won’t buy from companies that make me jump through hoops. I won’t buy from companies that treat me like a criminal when I’m trying to give them my money.

The much longer reason is given by Clay Shirky.

Go read it.

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Cool green screen reel

I had no idea so many of the backgrounds in TV shows I watch weren’t on-location shots.

Take a look.

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Media conglomerates, you want my money?

Go buy a clue.

If you’d stop gouging your customers, shafting your customers and suing your customers I’d buy more of your product and you probably wouldn’t be laying people and/or closing your doors.

Price your product for mass-market sales, make it dirt-simple to get hold of and get rid of the DRM.

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So what is the Kindle really like?

I use my Palm TX all the time for reading books and watching movies and do so because it’s small enough to carry everywhere and powerful enough to show full-screen video at full frame rates.

It’s useless for note taking thanks to the abomination known as Graffiti 2 (thanks a whole lot Palm) but still functions as an appointment reminder.

So what about the Kindle? It’s big. I couldn’t put it in a pocket. On the other hand it does one thing and some think it does that one thing quite well.

What’s your opinion?

Why I don’t pay attention to reviews

There are several movies that people around the office are looking forward to this summer.

One of them is Iron Man.

Yeah, not so much. It could be good. It’s also just as likely that the best parts of the movie are in the trailer.

Time will tell and I’ll wait to hear from people I know personally.

Here we have one reviewer that all but says the movie sucks.

And here we have another one that just gushes gooey goodness about it.

Yeah, I’ll wait.

Don’t be evil, my ass

So, Google’s motto used to be "Don’t be Evil". Or so I heard, I’ll have to check the Internet Archive later to see if that’s true. Their current motto is "You can make money without doing evil" which may have always been their motto and just paraphrased to death.

Since going public, their motto of course is "Don’t be so evil that we can’t make tons of money."

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