Astronomy Jan 21, 2013

Jupiter and the Moon were doing a dance together and while I’d taken an early picture of them together, my sister asked if I was going to get another shot at their closest approach.  Well, of course. 😉

While outside I took the time to pull the scope out into the driveway and attempt a few shots of M42.  Came away with one halfway decent shot taken at ISO 1600 for 30 seconds.

Night of the ISS…

Wednesday night was a good start to a long holiday. I started the evening trying to get shots of the ISS and shuttle passing overhead, with limited sucess and then spent some time working through the process of getting my mount aligned, man, that takes too long, and followed up with attempts at shooting M42 and the ET cluster. Not the greatest shots as my mount still was drifting and there was some wind but I hope to master this over the holiday.


ISS and the shuttle over Plano


M42, the Orion nebula


The Owl (or ET) cluster. Looks a bit like a little stick man or ET if you squint. Or maybe a Jawa with no robe on.

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M42 on Oct 24, 2009

It’s not a great shot but I’m still working my way through techniques that work with my combination of cameras and telescope.


I did manage to catch a meteor with the camera. I didn’t know it’d made an appearance until after I downloaded the picture. It’s on the left. Could it have been a late Gemenid?


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