Dancing at Lochrann’s March 22, 2009

Wheee! Another fun session at Lochrann’s. We were joined by a few more dancers and a new musician whose name I unfortunately failed to get.

We had the back room largely to ourselves and a few spectators and it was an afternoon full of great craic!

We danced a couple of the Ballyvorney Jig Set, the Clare Lancers, Three Tunes, Four Hand, Siege of Ennis and a bit of stepping about.


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Emerald School at Lochrann’s

Several kids (big and little) and a few adults went out to Lochrann’s to dance for Lochrann’s St. Paddy’s celebration.

Of course, Andi had to start by showing off her legs.


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Lochrann’s Feb15, 2009

Today we had a good session with loads of dancers and musicians.

There was also a good crop of spectators.

If we can Keep this up I hope we can continue to take over this end of the pub.










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Lochrann’s Jan 25, 2009

This was a fun session in the new space at Lochrann’s. They recently expanded into a whole new room with a larger stage as well as an added meeting room that could work as a session space in a pinch.

Things were quiet enough that we had the new room mostly to ourselves.

With music played by Wendy, Joseph, David and Mark, Susan, Andi, Margi, Dwayne, Billye, Brandi, Grady, Karen and I danced several sets and some ceili dances along with a bit of stepping about.





Come on out next time! Keep an eye on the Facebook page for the session as well as Lochrann’s page.

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Lochrann’s Oct 19, 2008

We had a fun session this past Sunday at Lochrann’s. There was a good bit of dancing including sets and a two-hand hornpipe as well as a bit of stepping about to music by the Needfire bagpiper.



The next session is Nov 16th, come on out!

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Lochrann’s Sep 7, 2008

Alright, I’ve procrastinated long enough. Here are the pictures from the last Lochrann’s gathering.

We got kicked outside due to a stupid football game but the weather was on the cool side, we were in the shade and we ended up with more room than normal so it was a win-win situation.





We had seven musicians and enough dancers for a full set along with the requisite beers. It was a good dance afternoon.

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Lochrann’s Aug 10,2008

Had a good crop of musicians and dancers today. What were you doing?




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Lochrann’s June 22, 2008

It was another good session at Lochrann’s. Not too many of the CRG made it out but we did have me and Susan, Pam, Brandy and Billye so at least we had a half sets worth for a few set dances.

A bunch of people associated with the Shandon school made it out as well which helped to fill the far end of the pub with people twirling and leaping about.

We started off with a few set figures and then moved on the Walls of Limerick.

A few more set figures and Susan and I got up to teach the kids and a few adults the Waves of Tory. It was a bit of a disaster but fun just the same.

We also managed to drag a few of the Shandon adults through part of the Galway Half Set.

There was a bit of stepping about as well

while Bob and David played through the afternoon.

Click on the first picture for larger versions and a video of Walls.

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Lochrann’s June 14, 08

After the final 2007/2008 SCMA ceili a bunch of us went off to Lochrann’s to listen and dance to Needfire.

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Lochrann’s June 8 2008

Alright. I’m posting this almost a week late. Sue me, work sent me out of town.

It was a fun session. We did a bit of the Sliabh Luachra, Galway half set, misc other sets and a bit of stepping about.

We even worked with Deina a bit on a number she’ll be doing soon. Shh. it’s a secret.

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