Powered Peanut Butter!

So, you think you've got good peanut butter. Do you have Arduino Powered Peanut Butter?! I thought not! This is a Modern Device RBBB with a custom program to display a variety of messages. The button on top turns the display on/off (with magic peanut fading in and out) and switches between … Continue reading

Holocontroller II

The next iteration of the HoloController is just about ready for use. The on-board software is finally (no, really) ready to be wired up in the lab and I expect to do that tomorrow sometime. The prototype controller is shown below with LEDs in place of connections to the relay board. I'll likely … Continue reading

Safelight for the computer

If you find yourself needing to take your laptop into the lab, you can make life simpler by making a safelight cover for the screen. I know most of you who make holograms don't carry around a tablet and those who carry around one probably don't make holograms but for others who, like me, do … Continue reading